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Dark Side of The That’s No Moon

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all-time, no confusion there. In fact, just seeing this mash-up cover made me search through the ‘P’ section of my iTunes library. “Breath” plays as we speak. And while it’s common knowledge that the album uncannily matches up with the Wizard of Oz, I’m ...

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The Dark Side of The Triforce

You know, they say this album perfectly syncs up with The Wiz. The Dark Side of the Triforce was created by wizard-in-training Jon Jackson, who was inspired to create his own Triforce masterpiece after witnessing the Triforce Latte. After a quick Google search he realized that, amazingly, no one else had created anything similar. Link [via]

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Epic Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case Mod

You could say that all in all, this PC case mod is just another brick in the wall, but we would have to fully disagree with you. This Pink Floyd “The Wall” PC Case mod is not merely a new skin, but a fully-functioning piece of art all on its own. Totally custom made, The Wall PC reminds me of ...

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