Domo Invading Your Local 7-Eleven


This fall 7-Eleven will be rolling out a nationwide promotion featuring Japan’s favorite stop-animation monster, Domo. Everything from cups, to straws, to hot dog cases, even Domo-themed merchandise will be available at 7-Eleven.

It literally looks like Domo came inside of 7-Eleven’s vag and reproduced a bunch of little Domo/7-Eleven offspring. The depth of this promotion is pure madness.





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  1. This Domo character is getting some serious exposure on the web lately. I still have no idea why.

  2. I must go buy all these now…

  3. I absolutely LOVE domos and cannot wait to go to 7/11 tomorrow and probably buy everything hahaha.
    Last year, Domo invaded Target for halloween :]

  4. Urghhh, why don’t they have this in Canada?

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