Plush Domo Wants To Nom Nom On Your Fingers


We’ve all seen this little brown creature strewn across the web and thrown onto merchandise, but do you actually know who this character is? In reality, Domo made his debut as the mascot for the Japanese television station NHK. From there, Domo moved into the American market via Nickelodeon, where he appeared in a bunch of short skits, which eventually led to an ad campaign with Target stores and the rest is history.

But despite Domo’s back story, you found him adorable even before you knew about his rise to fame. Coming soon to Urban Collector is an awesome plush doll of the most famous little brown monster on the web (at least the most famous little brown monster not featured in an XXX film). You can pre-order your own now or wait until they’re available in June 2009.


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