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Target Photo Kiosks Now Let You Print Photos From Facebook

Target announced today that their Kodak photo kiosks, where customers can print out their own photo prints, will now support Facebook connectivity. Users will be able to log-in and print out photos featured on their own Facebook page in glossy professional prints. Well at least now you know you’ll never be short of photos of your friends making kissy-lips at ...

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Plush Domo Wants To Nom Nom On Your Fingers

We’ve all seen this little brown creature strewn across the web and thrown onto merchandise, but do you actually know who this character is? In reality, Domo made his debut as the mascot for the Japanese television station NHK. From there, Domo moved into the American market via Nickelodeon, where he appeared in a bunch of short skits, which eventually ...

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Following Target, Best Buy Gets New Gift Cards

Target must be pissed. The company approaches the holidays with new gift cards that have a built-in 1.2-megapixel digital camera and what does its competitor, Best Buy, do? Best Buy tries a different route with gift cards that have speakers built in to them. While not nearly as cool as Target’s concept, Best Buy has gotten this far by offering ...

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Target Gift Cards Feature Digicam

Remember a few years ago, when the Nintendo Wii came out, how Target had light-up gift cards that made people go batshit crazy? Well Target realized how great free hype is for your company so it’s decided to up the ante this time. When you’re shopping this month, stop by a Target to get a gift card that features a ...

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In Case Urban Warfare Were To Break Out: Urban Combat Umbrella

Who knows when the commies will start spying on us again. If he were still around, Joe McCarthy might recommend every man, woman, and child to own an Urban Combat Umbrella, an Umbrella with an attached target scope. While it’s by no stretch the first umbrella we’ve discussed, it might be the most useful. Sick of people barging into you ...

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Nanofactory for custom medical needs with no side effects

Picture this. You come down with a horrible case of some horrible diarrhea inducing disease. Now imagine being able to take a pill that literally detects the illness, builds a custom remedy, and then delivers the drug to the necessary areas in need of healing. The University Of Maryland is working on a similar method in which magnetic nanofactories would ...

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