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Domo Invading Your Local 7-Eleven

This fall 7-Eleven will be rolling out a nationwide promotion featuring Japan’s favorite stop-animation monster, Domo. Everything from cups, to straws, to hot dog cases, even Domo-themed merchandise will be available at 7-Eleven. It literally looks like Domo came inside of 7-Eleven’s vag and reproduced a bunch of little Domo/7-Eleven offspring. The depth of this promotion is pure madness.

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Finally a Condom That Fits: 0.6 Inches of Pure Man

While I’m shopping for condoms with my fiancee, I put on a strong front. I make sure to announce in a loud voice that we are looking for the Magnum condoms, even though we need nothing of the sort. Shameful, I know, but hey, I’m a man. This 0.6 inch condom was used to promote safe-sex to young people and ...

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Bloodstained Nintendo Wii Has Nothing To Do With Wiimote Mishaps

As many of you have probably heard, Manhunt 2 will be hitting store shelves this Halloween. What you may not have heard is that Rockstar is giving away a Wii covered in blood stained stickers and a 50″ plasma television to promote the event. It looks cool, but covering a Wii with stickers seems like a cheap alternative to an ...

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