Dome Housing: The Shire Is Real

We all have that hairy-toed hobbit inside of us whose always wanted to live in the Shire.� The home manufacturer Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. is all about Middle Earth and they want to make those halfling fantasies come true.� These igloo-shaped structures are built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% Styrofoam.� No termites, no rust, no toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Hobbits from all around Middle Earth will come flocking to your door step to relax in your dome bathhouse as they puff on their pipe-weed and run up your phone bill with that Hobbit phone of yours.� Dome House kits start at around $30,000 which excludes the cost of delivery, assembly and interior construction. I wonder if Peter Jackson will give up his Hollywood home in favor of his very own Bilbo Baggins bachelor pad.

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  1. It’s Smurfland!

  2. That community looks pretty cool. What city is that located at or is it a fake city? I like it anyway.

  3. Fools! the shire is made of houses built into hills not dome houses.

    other than that its cool

  4. Your geekiness is unparalleled, sir. I salute you.

  5. The teletubbies lived in a dome.

  6. I think it’s great options for low income housing. Imagine if we could provide these for people had no home. Seem pretty simple to set up and easy to maintain. I wonder how long they last?

  7. do those two nice ladies come with the housing?

  8. Sooooo cool. I want to live in a dome. Those are awesome.

  9. Is there an environmental issue with the styrofoam? Is it safe to live in healthwise? These look incredible inside!! I like the idea, just want to be health conscious & environmentally friendly.

  10. im in dome heaven!

  11. wow i am so exciting 2 live in this type of house..oooo

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