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Chrome Lamborghini

Are you a big dick player? Lookin’ fly in your G5 airplane? Step up. You need this chrome Lamborghini from German tuning firm Hamann. At $630,000, it’s a bit expensive but nothing your rich uncle can’t afford. Chrome paint job, performance tuning. Yeah. This Murcielago LP640 will make you a big dick player alright. Link

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Dome Housing: The Shire Is Real

We all have that hairy-toed hobbit inside of us whose always wanted to live in the Shire.� The home manufacturer Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. is all about Middle Earth and they want to make those halfling fantasies come true.� These igloo-shaped structures are built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% Styrofoam.� No termites, no rust, no toxic fumes ...

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DIY: Declutter your desk using, um, all of your space

Some people are really set in their ways. Cluttered desks is a common problem and is becoming a habit for many of us. For a pretty minimal price, you can be like Van Mardian, and totally clean the clutter crappity crap off your desk, while still keeping all of your needed gadgets (or wanted, as most aren’t really needed unless ...

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