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Dome Housing: The Shire Is Real

We all have that hairy-toed hobbit inside of us whose always wanted to live in the Shire.� The home manufacturer Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. is all about Middle Earth and they want to make those halfling fantasies come true.� These igloo-shaped structures are built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% Styrofoam.� No termites, no rust, no toxic fumes ...

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New Gaming Innovation Works Your Peripherals

The new jDome looks to be quite the experience. With help from a projector on the back end of the dome, the jDome offers players a full 180 degree field of view, with about 125 to 145 game world creations being shown. This will ensure you won’t miss that camper hiding besides some crates to the far right of you. ...

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