Does Not Compute! Awesome Masks Made From Old Computer Parts


All it takes to make a sick Sci-Fi adventure is some recycling prowess. We could so see these masks used in a motion picture. And to think they were made using random electronic shit lying around someone’s house.

Imagine a movie like this: The world is on the brink of collapse after a group of amateur garage robotic builders produce an indestructible gang of robotic monsters to control the world. I picture their faces looking something like these.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. This is really nice work, I have actually been doing a series of Character Designs recently where the heads are made up of car engine parts. When I saw this , I was happy to see someone was on the same vibe.
    Anymore of this kind of work? Who is the artist?

    [email protected]

  2. Love these. can you tell me how they are held together? hot glue? liquid nails? soddering gun?

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