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Mii Cupcakes

Delicious but not nutritious! If these cupcakes are anything like the Wii, you’ll love them when you first get them and after a few weeks, they’ll sit on your kitchen counter growing stale by the minute. Or should I say miinute? Ha! Get it? I’ll see you in hell. Link

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Blow Me: Hoodies Made From Used Blow Up Dolls

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that designer Mama Anders loves to fuck. I mean, why else would she have dozens of blow up dolls with which to make clothing out of? It’s clearly the only logical reasoning here. Nevertheless, I’m sure you already want one of these hoodies. They look fashionable as ...

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The Portraitist Robot: Vincent VanBot

Sylvain Calinon’s creation, the Robotic Portrait Artist, has received a makeover. Check out its sweet new mustache and beret! It truly has the look of an artist. This bot is able to recognize human faces and extract relevant characteristics from them. Then, it draws portraits of captured images by converting them into vector art. The produced result is better than ...

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Celebrity Money

I can’t read French but I’m sure our publisher Steve Rufer would be more than happy to translate. All I can gather is that someone took pictures of movie stars and merged them with money. This is a pretty sweet but where’s the Mel Gibson photo with the $1 bill?

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Noggins: Madam Tussauds On Meth

Brought to you from the twisted mind of Joseph Seigenthaler, Noggins are a series of sculptures created from oil, resin, hair, wax, fabric and Stoneware or Earthware called Noggins. All of the creations are pretty grotesque looking, usually involving a face stuck in a state of contortion, though I’d imagine you could tone it down a bit by throwing one ...

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Does Not Compute! Awesome Masks Made From Old Computer Parts

All it takes to make a sick Sci-Fi adventure is some recycling prowess. We could so see these masks used in a motion picture. And to think they were made using random electronic shit lying around someone’s house. Imagine a movie like this: The world is on the brink of collapse after a group of amateur garage robotic builders produce ...

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