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Awesome Statler and Waldorf Muppets Masks

Two of my favorite all-time characters from any show or media period have been masterfully cloned by Disney. Officially licensed and insanely awesome, these Statler and Waldorf Masks let anyone imagine they’re the cranky old men with a penchant for the Muppets theater. You know what they say, if its too hot, get outta the kitchen. And these masks are ...

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WTF Gadget of the Second: Freaky Shoe Masks

For the true foot fetishist, these freaky and kinky shoe masks let you live out your fantasy of being gagged with a heel. Not sure if the shoes were used or not first so don’t even bother asking pervs. If you’ve ever said to yourself “For Halloween, I think I want to be a giant shoe monster,” you’re a freakin’ ...

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Does Not Compute! Awesome Masks Made From Old Computer Parts

All it takes to make a sick Sci-Fi adventure is some recycling prowess. We could so see these masks used in a motion picture. And to think they were made using random electronic shit lying around someone’s house. Imagine a movie like this: The world is on the brink of collapse after a group of amateur garage robotic builders produce ...

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