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Does Not Compute! Awesome Masks Made From Old Computer Parts

All it takes to make a sick Sci-Fi adventure is some recycling prowess. We could so see these masks used in a motion picture. And to think they were made using random electronic shit lying around someone’s house. Imagine a movie like this: The world is on the brink of collapse after a group of amateur garage robotic builders produce ...

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Knit Leia Wig / Winter Hat / Ear Muffs Is Buntastic

Carrie Fisher’s iconic hairstyle as Princess Leia in Star Wars has become a status symbol for any true member of sci-fi royalty. A crafty lady designed a Princess Leia Wig (which also looks like it operates equally well as a winter hat and ear warmers) which you can get from Etsy. Available for only $7.95, the choice is yours. The ...

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Nokia Open 4G Phone Concept

Nokia held a design competition to help develop a 4G Nokia phone. The Nokia Open is the winning phone concept and is really like no other. It features a wing like display which opens onto a spread-open LCD touchscreen. The concept only features one main button. The rest is controlled through the touch display. Ample screen room allows for easy ...

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