Cupcakes for Zombies



Made using red velvet raspberry cake, french vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain, baking extraordinaire Pamela created these awesome Brain Cupcakes, perfect for zombies who’ve gone vegetarian. The extra little splatter gives it that “just scooped out of the skull” look.



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  1. gross + creative = awesome.
    now they can stop hunting for our brains.

  2. I have to make some of these. Perfect snacks for a Left 4 Dead gaming session!

  3. these are amazing, indeed

  4. nom nom nom.

    Well done!

  5. These would be perfect while helping to design the zombie game for a good cause at,

  6. In a hurry cause zombies are on your trail; go to juliet mae spices and get fast and easy spice blends. I think both zombies and zombie hunters would like the Taco blend, spicy but not too hot.

  7. I’m going to eat your brain and gain your knowledge

  8. Braaaaains!!!!!!

  9. WordPress > Error ?!?

  10. Ewww these will be perfect for my Halloween party! Nom, nom, nom juicy sweet braincakes.

  11. I stumbled upon this today… funney that it is halloween today. I will never be able to enjoy a cup cake again. I will always have this image stuck in my head.

  12. If she used a “chocolate brain” to make it, what’s the damn achievement?

  13. Mmm… brainz. 😀

  14. grossy. Makes me feel fuckin vomit. I don’t wanna eat something that kinda shit!

  15. Franks got a point. If your using a ‘chocolate brain’ its not actually that creative. Wait – what is a chocolate brain? Never seen one in NZ.

  16. That’s freaken sweet. If I was a Zombie I would totaly make the mistake and try and eat them. If i was a human i would totaly eat them in from of Zombies so they would think i was one of them :D.

    I might just have to make some of these and eat them in from of my human friends and hope they think I was a Zombie. that would be totaly awesome 😀

  17. you guys are so ate up.

  18. Looks like the scene in indiana jones when they eat frosten monkey brains.
    I love it. Stumbled!

  19. Great ….our first step into Psudocanniblism, next it’ll be testical M&Ms

  20. Only a complete moron would come up with such a thing.

  21. Please, someone tell me where to get chocolate brains. These are fantastic. I suppose if one could not get chocolate brains, one could make teeny tiny versions with baby cupcakes, but using half a walnut instead. Hats off to Pamela!

  22. cool paint ball

    they looklike ass holes

  23. If that looks like your asshole, I suggest you seek medical attention immediately.

  24. … these looks fanfuckintastic !! awesome job..

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