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7 Awesome Cupcake Designs

Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cupcakes have been the "in thing" for quite a while now and yet we still can't get enough of these delicious sweet treats...especially when they look like these 7 awesome cupcake designs!

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Star Wars Cupcakes Are From an Oven Far, Far Away

Including all of your favorite Star Wars characters (except Han. Carbonite wasn’t deemed edible enough. But really, whoops!), these Star Wars Cupcakes by Flickr user Iclllc are even worthy of entering the confines of my sacred stomach. For free. Feel honored, I charge tapeworms $1500 a month for that honor. Or my doctor does. I just get to maintain this ...

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H2OmNom: Periodic Table Cupcakes

The tastiest set of atomic goodness was hard to find, but we might have just found the winner. These Periodic Table Cupcakes emulate the elements. Not only are they color-coded and educational, but absolutely scrumptious looking. Despite lacking the scientifically correct Lanthanoids and Actinoids (What? No Uranium?) we’d still down these baked smidgens of heaven like it were our job. ...

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‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ Spaghetti Cupcakes

Cupcakes made with real spaghetti and meatballs would just be bizarre and sort of gross, so thankfully the baker of these gorgeous cupcakes inspired by “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” opted for sweeter ingredients. The spaghetti is made using buttercream, the meatball is actually a Ferrero Rocher candy, the sauce is raspberry jam and the grated parmesan is actually ...

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Car Company Logo Cupcakes

Rollin’ on dubs. Shootin’ up some thugs. Eating cupcakes. Gangsta. Pure gangsta. Represent. If I owned a car or knew how to cook, my ride would be fully-stocked with these Car Company Cupcakes at all times. You know I need me some baked goods. OM NOM! Link

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Cupcakes for Zombies

OM NOM! Made using red velvet raspberry cake, french vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain, baking extraordinaire Pamela created these awesome Brain Cupcakes, perfect for zombies who’ve gone vegetarian. The extra little splatter gives it that “just scooped out of the skull” look.

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Robot Cupcakes: Does Not C-OM-NOM-Pute

A lucky three-year-old geek is fortunate enough to have a mother who succumbs to his geeky urges. These butter frosting robot cupcakes look absolutely delicious. Any leftovers? I’d hate to have to hold that kid ransom for some damned baked goods. Don’t worry, robot readers. If you’re a good little bot maybe your programmer will install a taste simulation program. ...

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Taking Your Pac-Mac Obsession To The Next Level

Someone had enough free time, flour and ovens to whip up this amazing Ms. Pac-Man level in dessert form. We’ve got ghost cupcakes, we’ve got Pac-Man cupcakes and we’ve got plenty of edible dots for you and her to eat. I’d totally drop $100 to see someone eat the whole thing in one sitting. Link

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Baked Goods For The Horde!

Even orcs and trolls love the occasional cupcake. Get them together for their best undead friend’s birthday and just try to keep them away from the tasty goodies. Delicately crafted from a fully-leveled cooking skill, these Horde Cupcakes are perfectly suited for WoW get-togethers or even as a goody for gaming conventions. Cooking is totally customizable, so you can add ...

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