7 Awesome Cupcake Designs

Cupcakes have been the “in thing” for quite a while now and yet we still can’t get enough of these delicious sweet treats…especially when they look like these 7 awesome cupcake designs!

1. The Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cookie Monster Cupcake
Via just-jess-being-jess

2. The Mario Brothers Cupcakes

Via My Modern Met

3. Sheep Cupcakes

Via Angela Luckey

4. Sundae Cupcakes

Via Toxel.com

5. Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Via foodwhyyoumakemehungry

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcakes

Via Toxel.com

7.  Teddy Bear Cupcake

Via We <3 It

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