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Mii Cupcakes

Delicious but not nutritious! If these cupcakes are anything like the Wii, you’ll love them when you first get them and after a few weeks, they’ll sit on your kitchen counter growing stale by the minute. Or should I say miinute? Ha! Get it? I’ll see you in hell. Link

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Breakfast: Star Wars Cupcakes

Found on Flickr user Andi Butler’s page, I like the look of these Star Wars cupcakes due to their aged and rustic design. Instead of happy Yoda with happy colors, we get sort of a dystopian, Warhol-styled set of characters on top of delicious-looking cupcakes. No seriously, these cupcakes look really tasty. Hit the jump to see the cast of ...

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iPhone Cupcakes

Wow! These are some delicious-looking cupcakes made by Nick Bilton and Danielle Bilton that take the form of an iPhone menu. They won the cupcake contest that was held at last night’s Ignite NYC II event. I would have gone but I’m not trying to get diabetes. NOM! Link

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Darth Vader Cupcakes: Taste The Dark Side

Kati Peck might be a little bit of a nerd for creating a whole batch of intricately decorated Star Wars cupcakes, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s one talented nerd with a knack for baking. Each cupcake features our main man, Darth Vader, in all his Dark Side glory. Underneath his mask lie two bright-red lightsabers. All this talk ...

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