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Chocolate Weaponry: Deliciously Destructive

Unless your facing an army of diabetics, I’m not exactly sure how effective Chocolate Weaponry might be. If you’re aiming for anything other than a mild distraction, I’d save the chocolate for yourself and get those endorphins pumping for those last few seconds you have left. War is hell, but chocolate is delicious. So let World War Om Nom commence. ...

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Car Company Logo Cupcakes

Rollin’ on dubs. Shootin’ up some thugs. Eating cupcakes. Gangsta. Pure gangsta. Represent. If I owned a car or knew how to cook, my ride would be fully-stocked with these Car Company Cupcakes at all times. You know I need me some baked goods. OM NOM! Link

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Cupcakes for Zombies

OM NOM! Made using red velvet raspberry cake, french vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain, baking extraordinaire Pamela created these awesome Brain Cupcakes, perfect for zombies who’ve gone vegetarian. The extra little splatter gives it that “just scooped out of the skull” look.

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Robot Cupcakes: Does Not C-OM-NOM-Pute

A lucky three-year-old geek is fortunate enough to have a mother who succumbs to his geeky urges. These butter frosting robot cupcakes look absolutely delicious. Any leftovers? I’d hate to have to hold that kid ransom for some damned baked goods. Don’t worry, robot readers. If you’re a good little bot maybe your programmer will install a taste simulation program. ...

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Taco Holders: Let Me Put My Beef In Your Taco

Finally! A gadget I can actually get behind. One thing that really gets me, a real pet peeve, is when I’m eating a taco and all the tasty shit inside flies out of the shell everytime I place it on my plate. Tacos have an abnormally awkward center of balance, so there is almost no way to not have shit ...

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MO:BEN: Automatic Heating of Your Om Noms

Have you ever seen the Carrot Top flick, Chairman of the Board? (Oddly enough, this is the same line I use to pickup the ladies.) Trust me, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve seen it too, and almost enjoyed it on some guilty mental plane. Anyway, Carrot Top’s character creates a TV dinner which automatically cooks itself and has enough juice ...

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