Taco Holders: Let Me Put My Beef In Your Taco


Finally! A gadget I can actually get behind. One thing that really gets me, a real pet peeve, is when I’m eating a taco and all the tasty shit inside flies out of the shell everytime I place it on my plate. Tacos have an abnormally awkward center of balance, so there is almost no way to not have shit falling everywhere.

These Taco Holders are simply genius, just for the fact that you don’t even have to place your taco on its side when you’re not holding onto it for dear life. The beef is staying right in the taco where it belongs. Now if I only remembered to tuck a napkin into my shirt. Luckily, I’m a lot better than I was, but most of my older shirts have some sort of taco stain. You can get six of your own taco plates for $7.95. Not sure how many pesos that is.

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