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Mexican Sugar Skull Stormtrooper Ink Will Be My Next Tattoo

Those of you who have followed Gearfuse long enough know that I’m in the process of designing myself a geeky tattoo sleeve. I’ve already got Jedi Mario and a set of Mario Stars running up my arm, but I’ve been looking for the perfect addition. This Stormtrooper Sugar Skull tat might just be my next tattoo. I know, I know, ...

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Taco Holders: Let Me Put My Beef In Your Taco

Finally! A gadget I can actually get behind. One thing that really gets me, a real pet peeve, is when I’m eating a taco and all the tasty shit inside flies out of the shell everytime I place it on my plate. Tacos have an abnormally awkward center of balance, so there is almost no way to not have shit ...

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