MO:BEN: Automatic Heating of Your Om Noms


Have you ever seen the Carrot Top flick, Chairman of the Board? (Oddly enough, this is the same line I use to pickup the ladies.) Trust me, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve seen it too, and almost enjoyed it on some guilty mental plane. Anyway, Carrot Top’s character creates a TV dinner which automatically cooks itself and has enough juice left over to provide the consumer with some TV using a built-in display. Needless to say, they were a big hit in the film.

MO:BEN, designed by Alex Cheong, is sort of the same thing, except with less radioactivity and more boredom (no TV included). The device is a portable food container which has a built-in heating and insulation system. So in theory, it could automatically heat your food to preheated temperatures of deliciousness. Also included are two handy eating utensils, perfect for the non-cavemen among us. More pics after the jump.




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  1. Very Kewl Indeed…

  2. Where can I buy this? What’s its food storage capacity?

  3. Hi there,
    We�ve noticed this product concept from the 2009 Australian Design Award-James Dyson Award has caught your interest and we wanted to say thank you for the write up.
    Just to give you a quick update, this project is now one of thirteen Australian product concepts that have made it through into the global James Dyson Award- a competition that spans 21 countries to identify the best young inventors from around the world. From 16 June � 12 July 2009, your readers can vote for this project or another entry in the James Dyson Award on FYI- From each country, the project which receives the most votes will get an automatic entry as a shortlist and the chance to win the grand prize of �10,000 for themselves and another �10,000 for their university!

  4. Please notify me when you win and when this product is available on the open market. I think it is perfect.

  5. I think this product is very useful. It is exactly what I am looking for.
    Please let me know where can I buy it.

  6. I would like to buy the portable heating food containers.

    How can i do this.


  7. I would appreciate a notification when this product becomes commercial.
    Good Luck!

  8. How much does it cost?
    Where or how can I buy it?

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