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Automatic Chain Smoking Machine Replaces Dead Relatives

Things just haven’t been the same at the annual family picnic since Uncle Charlie passed away. The way he ruffled my hair every year like I was still seven. The hard gravel of his nicotine stained voice. The waft of tobacco and cheap cologne that would stick to the walls for months following his visits. Nope, things just aren’t the ...

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Interactive Pet Laser Tortures Your Cat

You know how something as simple as a laser pointer can become your pets newest favorite toy? The Bolt Interactive Pet Laser automatically juts around the room, providing your pet with minutes of fun. As you can tell from the kitty’s glassy-eyed state, she’s simply enthralled. Link [via]

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Breakfast Machine Brings Pee Wee Herman’s Home to Life

While there’s no mention of Pee Wee in this design project’s description, the resemblance to Herman’s very own breakfast contraption is uncanny. Directed by designer Yuri Suzuki and artist Masa Kimura, the Breakfast Machine is designed to prepare a full-course meal, serving up omelets, coffee, orange juice and even toast with jam.

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MO:BEN: Automatic Heating of Your Om Noms

Have you ever seen the Carrot Top flick, Chairman of the Board? (Oddly enough, this is the same line I use to pickup the ladies.) Trust me, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve seen it too, and almost enjoyed it on some guilty mental plane. Anyway, Carrot Top’s character creates a TV dinner which automatically cooks itself and has enough juice ...

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DIY Gears of War Lancer

This is how you do it in the Marines. You take an AR-15 automatic rifle, slap on a chainsaw and boom, you have a replica of the Lancer from Gears of War. Sure, you can’t chop people up with it (legally), but what’s to stop you from going apeshit on a cactus out in the Nevada desert? My thoughts exactly. ...

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Timed pet food dispenser: never overfeed your friend again!

If you happened to be away for the whole day, leaving your cat at home alone, whether you leave a full dish of food or just a few pieces of snack, chances are by the time you come back they’ll all be gone, and the cat will be hungry again. So there’s always a danger of either starving or overfeeding ...

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