Chatroulette Meets Google Maps In Chatroulette Map Mash-Up

Even though your identity and location remain anonymous when using the actual Chatroulette service, the CR site actually employs the use of IPs to assist in connecting random individuals. Using the power of IP location technology and mashing it all up with Google Maps, Chatroulette Map grabs a screenshot of the user and pastes their mug on the map based on their location.

While this mash-up might remove some of the fun of theanonymityprovided by the Chatroulette service, it’s truly an intriguing look into the demographics of the Chatroulette user base, and a fun way to scope out random people without having to reveal any part of yourself. Maybe I’ll finally be able to find out where that guy humping that poor stuffed raccoon is from.

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  1. hahahahaha Neuman and his stuffed raccoon…

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