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A Wild ABRA Appeared!: Dude Attempts to Seduce a Pokemon on Chatroulette

MEWTWO cast ETERNAL HUMILIATION! Rejoice in the fact that you are less desperate than this guy on Chatroulette, who desperately attempts to seduce a costumed human (we assume) of unknown gender to display their mammaries which may or may not even exist. Dude, you do know there’s porn on the internet, right? No Pokemon were hurt in the making of ...

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Incognito Iris Goes Undercover on the Internet’s Chatroulette Website

Our very own knitting queen Incognito Iris went undercover on the Internet’s Chatroulette.com webpage. Disguised as an everyday teenaged girl, Iris took to the “world wide web” to investigate what the allure of the Internet is to the youth of the world, the future generation of Gearfuse Knitting Circle members! As you can see from the above photograph, the youngin’ ...

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Chatroulette Meets Google Maps In Chatroulette Map Mash-Up

Even though your identity and location remain anonymous when using the actual Chatroulette service, the CR site actually employs the use of IPs to assist in connecting random individuals. Using the power of IP location technology and mashing it all up with Google Maps, Chatroulette Map grabs a screenshot of the user and pastes their mug on the map based ...

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Music Video Made Using Chatroulette

These days, if you want to be asuccessfulscene band, you’ve gotta have a dedicated online following. And it seems there is a new internet star on the rise. Meet I AM UN CHIEN !!, an alt metal band hellbent on creating a work of art using nothing but their musical chops and a little help from the random webcam social ...

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Chatroulette: Sometimes You Can’t Press Next Fast Enough

While I’m sure many of you already know about the amazing service known as Chatroulette, I thought I’d introduce it to the three or four of you who don’t already know. Basically, it’s like Russian Roulette, with less bloodshed and much more penis. Chatroulette lets you view a random users webcam from around the world, allowing you to unshamefully skip ...

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