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Chatroulette Meets Google Maps In Chatroulette Map Mash-Up

Even though your identity and location remain anonymous when using the actual Chatroulette service, the CR site actually employs the use of IPs to assist in connecting random individuals. Using the power of IP location technology and mashing it all up with Google Maps, Chatroulette Map grabs a screenshot of the user and pastes their mug on the map based ...

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Map Envelopes are Even Better Than Postcards

The MapEnvelop project prints your current location inside of your letter’s envelope. A postcard might be able to project a certain image or feel of the general area in which you are, but it’s sort of decieving since it’s not really an exact science. Especially if you throw a few alien robots into the scene. The MapEnvelop on the other ...

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Computer Mouse Cursor GPS Brings Google Maps to Real Life

Imagine if we could actually see the cursors being used by everyone checking out Google Maps. The world would be flooded with flags and cursors. Just completely flooded. 4chan would make sure of that. But since we can’t see every single cursor, we’ll have to settle for just a single spectacle. The Computer Mouse Cursor Bench, officaly called the Urban ...

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Google Street View Spies on LARPing Nerds

A globe-trotting Twitter user discovered this Google Street View image of a bunch of nerds LARPing it up for the cameras. They’re prepared for dragon slaying, princess slaying and immortality, but are they prepared for eternal embarrassment? Next, on “LARPing to the Oldies”. I live right across the PA border, but I haven’t seen anything like this around here. Those ...

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