7 Factors In Choosing a Capable Gaming PC

games for pc

Gaming has never been a bigger business than it is today. With the release of movie-based games, high-seas adventures and the very popular tower defense genre, gaming computer rigs are literally flying off the shelves – with people wanting bigger and better systems each year. This doesn’t even account yet for the rise of virtual reality, which is expected to ...

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The Browser game that will have you Glued to the Laptop

From the creators of comes a mass multiplayer browser game known as This new .io game takes the concept of to new heights. You play as a small boxy cat walking around the map collecting gems to power up. The game is hosted on four servers, two for the United States, one for Europe and one for ...

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Trend Of Online Gaming – It’s Not Just Role-Play

online gaming trend

Role play games are one of the biggest trends in the gaming industry. Not only do these games give an amazing experience, but they also allow gamers to use the multiplayer option and play with other gamers all over the world. It is a great past time and it’s highly addictive as well. These games are created in a variety ...

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Most Popular Video Games of 2017

Video games

There are many potential candidates for the most popular video games of 2017. Video games in general are really popular today. There can be a lot of popular video games in one given year. Many people enjoy the games that have already become part of a series. These games are going to have a strong following already. A good portion ...

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How to Make the most out of your Card Gaming Skills & Earn Cash

card gaming skills

Rummy is a name familiar to all the card-enthusiasts in India. Being an India-centric game, it has helped the gaming industry to reach new heights. The love for the game is evident from the fact that Rummy has evolved from being a traditional card game to be the most played online card game in the country. By offering a safe ...

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Reviewed: Life – The Game

life the game

Life – The Game is the brainchild of an independent team of designers and developers. The game can be played online although there is a downloadable option available as well. The game can be supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, and HTML5 platforms. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the game: The Basis of the Game The ...

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Traditional Card Games v/s Mobile Gaming Industry

card game tokens

Social card games like rummy have always been there and still continue to rule the hearts of the people. In India, rummy has been synonymous with entertainment especially with groups. People hold pleasant memories about occasions where they had a joyous time playing rummy with their family and friends. After the traditional card games made their online debut a couple ...

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Top 3 interesting Google Doodle Games

Google is the best webpage which people use for searching information on internet. Google Doodle is a special symbol , temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage that is intended to celebrate events, holidays, achievements and famous people.Beside Doodles, interactive Doodles supply the customers the various different useful applications. These interactive doodles have become a staple of Google’s home screen. It ...

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The Run game and Run 3

Run is a deceiving title, because this game isn’t about running. It’s about wall-climbing, leaping, and ceiling-jogging across the universe. Run 3 tells the story of an alien who is on a mission to return home. And she needs your interstellar moves to get there. Explore ModeExplore is the main gameplay mode, which consists entirely of single-player action. There is ...

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Ways To Keep Kids Happy, Content And Entertained In The Summer

All children are excited to see the school year come to an end. Of course, parents are feeling a little apprehensive about this time, because they know their focus will have to be on keeping the kids content and entertained. There are many things that you can do to prepare for summer vacation, but one thing is for sure you ...

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