i5 Vs i7: Which One To Choose For Gaming In 2020?

Hunting for a new gaming PC? If yes, then you have reached the right page. One of the chief things to be sure about while purchasing gaming setups is the processor type. Now, there is an array of aspects you need to look out for while buying a gaming processor. Some of these include clock speed, core count, graphics, and so on.

The most common choices among buyers are the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. However, gamers often find themselves confused wondering if the extra cores of i7 will actually be worth their money. The dilemma is a result of all the myths flying around in the gaming community.

So, if you are not sure about which processor type to choose, then this page will clear your doubts. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to i5 Vs i7 gaming.

Comparison Between i5 and i7 Gaming

Featuresi5 (9600K)i7 (9700K)
Base Clock3.7 GHz3.6 GHz
Turbo Clock4.6 GHz4.9 GHz
iGPUUHD Graphics 630UHD Graphics 630

Both i5 and i7 processors are the two most popular choices among gamers. Comparing them based on certain factors will help you make a more informed decision between i5 Vs i7 gaming. We are differentiating between the two popular models, i.e. i5-9600K and i7-9700K:

1. Performance

Upon a head-to-head comparison, it is seen that i7 outperforms i5 by a slight bar. However, i7 is much better than i5 when it comes to hyper-threading. It has twice the number of threads than i5.

i7 is meant for high-end jobs, so naturally, its base clock speed is also faster than that of i5. Moreover, the performance boost of i7 is also faster than i5 to support heavy tasks.

2. Hyper-Threading Technology

We have brushed over this topic in the aforementioned point. So, let’s discuss its concept in detail:

Hyper-Threading is a technology of Intel that aims to enhance the performance of multithreaded tasks. Hyper-threading gives the illusion of doubling a core. So, this way, every core can address two threads simultaneously.

The i7 models are the latest CPU generation of Intel and so come equipped with hyper-threading. Needless to say, hyper-threading and more cores are beneficial for multi-tasking. This is where i7 is better than i5.

3. Core

The i5 processor CPUs feature 6 cores and the i7 features 8 cores. While 6 cores are enough for a smooth gaming experience, 8 cores might be useful when it comes to handling heavy tasks.

If you mainly use your computer for simpler tasks or play games at new casino sites, like those found here https://casinotop3.com/new-online-casinos/, increasing your budget for i7 is not worth the deal.

4. Cache

i7 processors have larger caches in addition to an extra number of cores and better clock speeds. As you might already know, cache helps you to access frequently-used data faster and handle tasks better.

So, a larger cache size means that you are in a better position to handle multi-tasking. The cache memory of i5 is 9MB and that of i7 is 12MB. This doesn’t make a big difference though but still, i7’s cache memory is larger than i5’s.

5. Turbo Boost

This is an overclocking mechanism of Intel that runs the core of the processor at a faster speed. So, this feature allows you to experience a better speed than the processor’s base clock speed.

Both, the base and the boost clock speed are equally important to keep in mind. Moreover, if you wish to overclock, then you must have an efficient cooling fan for the job.

i5 Vs i7 Gaming: Which One to Pick?

By now, you know all about the features based on which we have compared i5 Vs i7 gaming. So, let’s elaborate on how you should decide between the two.

As of now, the six-core processor provided by i5 is the current favorite among gamers. Along with it, hyper-threading is the icing on the cake. Generally, this is considered to be a good gaming set-up. We can’t deny, however, that the current games might work better with a higher number of cores. But the high boost speed of i5 i.e. 4.6GHz is good enough seconded by the 6 cores.

The i7 processor costs around $100 more than the i5 processor. To be honest, paying $100 more for a little bit of better performance is not quite worth it. You could rather invest the difference in a high-end graphics card to ensure better performance than the i7 as well.

The i7 incorporates 8 cores and 8 threads for an additional hundred dollars. It is surely one of the best gaming processors to get your hands on in the market. The better boost speed of 4.9GHz and the 2 additional cores lead to a slight increase in performance.

The additional cores are beneficial for streamers as they ensure a smooth video uploading experience. These are the general perks of i7 over i5 but the actual reason for gamers preferring the i7 is something else. They want to make their gaming setup future-ready. The extra cores and costs might not be quite profitable today. But, these will ensure the longevity of your gaming setup.

However, usability for a long time can’t be guaranteed either. This is because of the considerable price hike. Maybe, in the coming years, the price for i7 will go down.

So, to sum it up, if the budget is not a constraint for you and you want seamless streaming, then i7 is the take for you. Besides, it will prepare your gaming console for the future. Otherwise, i5 gives a fair enough gaming experience and is cheaper too.

Final Verdict

If you have read everything in this blog till now, then you must have understood that your individual needs matter a lot when it comes to i5 Vs i7 gaming. In case your budget is a bit tight or you don’t want to spend extra money, then go for i5 because it does the job fairly well. Moreover, you can get a GPU with i5 for the same price as i7, if not lower, and enjoy a better gaming experience than i7 could have provided.

However, if you want the processor for a long-term or usually play games that are heavy on the CPU, then i7 is recommended. If you plan to use the system for multiple purposes like video editing, media creation, streaming, etc. then also the extra cores of i7 will prove to be useful.

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