Best New Video Games Dropping in 2021

You may have mixed feelings about what 2021 has in store for us, but one thing is for sure – the schedule of new video game titles will not disappoint. The gaming calendar gets more and more packed and exciting with each passing year, and this one is no exception. Whether you prefer to game on a PC, console, handheld or even mobile, 2021 has plenty for everyone.

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Two major new consoles were released at the tail end of 2020, but even if you were not one of the lucky ones to get an XBox Series X or PS5 in their Christmas stocking never fear. Our collection of video games are available across multiple platforms. If you are looking for the next big RPG multiplayer to play with your friends, or even seeking out some thrills at new casinos (check out these new casinos Canada for more) then we have got you covered. Here are just a few of the most anticipated new video games hitting our screens in the next months. 

  1. Hitman 3 (January 20)

The latest outing for resourceful chameleon Agent 47 is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 soon. This release marks the conclusion of the trilogy, so expect a spectacular denouement. IO Interactive are not revealing too much detail yet, but we do know that Dubai is the location for the opening of the game.

  1. The Medium (January 28)

Bloober Team certainly know how to create anticipation for one of their titles. Famous for Blair Witch and Layers of Fear, the developers have created what is rumoured to be a mind-bending masterpiece of psychological horror with The Medium. The live-action trailer teases a narrative-driven game full of dark twists and turns. PC and Xbox Series X players can enjoy from the end of January.

  1. Kinetic Edge (February 5)

For those looking for an alternative to the big sandbox and open-world games that have been so prevalent recently, we have Kinetic Edge coming to PC. This casual but tough pick-up-and-play can be enjoyed as an individual or multiplayer game, and encompasses various physics-based challenges set to a bright neon theme. Choose from six different modes including racing, arena, crazy golf and the fiendishly difficult Kinetic Gauntlet. 

  1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (March)

There is no exact release date as yet, but we are looking forward to March for the very first game from independent digital animation studio Ember Lab. A charming and magical action-adventure game set in a mysterious forest full of spirits, Kena looks to be a delightfully immersive experience. 

The initial release is for PS4 and 5, and for PC.

  1. Outriders (April 1)

The release of this shooter from People Can Fly has already been pushed back a couple of times, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it sticks to its current April 1 date. Early looks at the shooter have drawn comparisons with Mass Effect, Doom and Borderlands. Set on the planet of Enoch, the game has four classes of playable character, each with their own super-abilities and a huge arsenal of weaponry. Coming soon to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with a free demo version promised for February 25.

  1. Stray (October)

Skipping to the end of the year – with many more releases scheduled in between – we have the intriguing Stray. In this beautifully animated indie creation, you play as a street cat navigating a decaying cybercity inhabited by humanoid robots. The little flying droid who becomes your companion is named B12, after French developers BlueTwelve Studio. On PS4 and 5, and on PC.

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