Don’t Rely on Luck to Gamble, Create your Own Opportunities

First-timers, impulsive personalities, and naive gamblers often leave things to chance and risk money. You don’t have to anymore with our gambling skills guide

How to take your gambling skills up a notch

With a bit of time and effort, gambling can become a skill where you take control of your fortune. By educating yourself on the tricks of the trade and learning from the mistakes of others you can enhance the chances of winning big beyond belief. The key is to be patient, this is a necessary trait when studying the art of gambling and when actually playing a game itself. The more in control of your emotions you are the better the chance of winning. 

Composure over emotion and strategy over impulse are two things that you should never forget throughout every contest whether it is you against the board, a battle with another person or you are taking on computer-orientated gambling like online bingo from home. Typical novice gamblers make uneducated errors by trying to seize the moment before it is time. This is a fundamental mistake that is so common in many varieties of both in-person and online gambling. The more clued up you are, the more you hone your gambling skills puts you in a better position to be able to identify these weaknesses and be more selective when picking your moment.

Once you have mastered your own mind and learned to limit any urges you have to break from the game-plan then you will be ready or at least better prepared to learn the necessary skills to take your gambling to the next level. 

The Basics

Some gamble just for the thrill of it, others out of boredom but whatever your reason for a flutter is you need to be as clued up as possible. You wouldn’t sign up to a half-marathon without going for a run first nor would you try to change a tire without being shown how beforehand. So don’t gamble without instruction. Read, watch, observe, practice-do anything you can think of to get you off the ground before you start mixing it with the big boys. If you go in blind, you will be fleeced and lose your money quicker than Jordan hitting a routine lay-up. Here are the basic core elements of gambling that you must trust no matter what before you attempt to take your perceived skills up a notch; 

  • Never chase losses
  • Use data where useful and only if necessary for now
  • Remain calm throughout
  • Gauge the market direction and make a prediction
  • Forget perceived winnings and focus on risk-value
  • Budget: Be strict and never overstretch yourself
  • Verification and ongoing analysis
  • Break down your strategy
  • Believe in systems through rough patches
  • Self-honesty

Mind over matter

To some, gambling successfully is to come away with a tidy profit, to accomplish this you will need an elite mindset, an almost professional level of dedication through time, preparation, and effort, and certainly have very deep pockets. Achieving this, as discussed earlier does not come easily and you have to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared for the highs and lows that accompany the inevitable consequences, both positive and negative. 

Others see success as breaking even but even though this involves lower standards and less expectation, your mindset is no less important, arguably it could be even more crucial to prevent the losses from becoming catastrophic and keeping a lid on the jubilation of a victory before it turns sour and takes a turn south. An initial growth and development plan for you to test your gambling credentials could look something like this; 

  • Select games that have a modest house edge.
  • Concentrate on a game or two at most from the list
  • Make these games your ultimate focus, research them. Live and breathe them.
  • Practice relentlessly until you can confidently state the optimum strategy for the game or games.
  • Discover the best comp programs and sign up for them.
  • Set a strict playing budget and do not break it under any circumstances
  • See how close you can get to break even play by extensively tracking and analyzing your performances
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan as you continue playing. The best results may appear on experimentation and reacting to your errors when spotting trends. 

Final Thoughts

If you follow the steps above accurately and intently then you will have come a long way and no doubt have proved your passion and skill to some extent. To get to the next level will be a major challenge involving basic math and strategic knowledge of various terms and analogies of the industry. The likes of which include mastering; 

  • The house edge
  • Odds
  • Payback percentage
  • Pot odds
  • Vig
  • Expected value
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Bankroll management

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