Another Reason Why XBox One Will Leave You Broke

Xbox One Controller

Speaking personally, I love my XBox. Throughout the years I have tried many other gaming systems, the Playstation, various handheld systems, the Gamecube...the list goes on, but for me, I have an affinity for XBox. Herein lies the problem however, the XBox One is going to leave me flat broke.

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Tablet Gaming At It’s Best

Angry Birds Star Wars

Some gamers have their preferred methods of play, we’re not talking Xbox versus Playstation here, we’re talking handheld versus full gaming system. The thing about tablet gaming however, is that it falls somewhere in the middle, the screen is larger than handheld but the controls are more handheld than anything else. This makes tablet gaming both fun and a little ...

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Upcoming Video Games For The Second Week In July, 2013

Star Wars Pinball

If you are a true, hardcore gamer then the chances are that you already know what games are coming out and when they're coming out. If you're just a part-time gamer though, then you likely only know when the games that you like are coming out. For the sake of all of us though, let's take a look at the hot new games coming out for the rest of the next week.

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7 Awesome Gaming Nerd Quotes

Angry Video Game Nerd

We all have an inner gaming nerd...okay, well most of us have an inner gaming nerd who will enjoy these quotes, for those without said gaming nerd, just smile and nod.

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4 of the First Video Games Released


If you are of a younger generation then you likely don't have experience with any of the first video games released. Here at GearFuse though, we feel it's our responsibility to teach you about where your games today come from. So let's take a look at 4 of the very first games to get released.

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6 Weird Gaming Facts You Never Knew

Final Fantasy 7

Unless you are a hardcore gamer then more than likely, you don't know too many random facts about gaming, rather, you know a game like the back of your hand. Well did you know that there are plenty of weird gaming facts out there? Today we want to share 6 weird gaming facts to keep your gaming geek strong!

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