Top 10 Weirdest Weapons From Classic WoW

Weirdest Weapons From WoW Classic

Utterly unique arms to wield!

A warrior’s weapons are his or her extensions. The same still rings true whatever character class you choose. As such, it’s vital that you choose one that not only annihilates would-be foes, but also embodies your character. It’s a good thing you’ve got a plethora of weapons in Classic WoW for you to choose from.

While some weapons in WoW Classic are without a doubt great, a few are just downright weird. But just because they’re weird doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything on the battlefield. Au contraire! If you’re the type who prefers to wield unique weapons, then you’ll want to pay attention.

Weirdest Weapons From Classic WoW

Here are the weirdest weapons from World of Warcraft that you can buy with your WoW Classic gold!

Dark Iron Pulverizer

This massive mace is as aptly-named as you can get. With an 8-second duration (impressively long) for its random chance on hit, you really get to pulverize hapless foes who dare cross your path. As to be expective with a weapon of its size, you’ll need two hands to wield it and swing it. In the open market, it goes for 4 WoW Classic gold, 57 silver, and 60 bronze.

Finkle Skinner

Not only does this skinny knife (perhaps the most sought-after one in World of Warcraft) have a weird name, it also looks weird. At least by real-life standards, that is! But again, just because it’s weird doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t hold its own in the face of battle. It grants its wielder a +10 to his or her skinning level. Combine that with a +5 skinning enchant and you’ve got one weird yet deadly blade! It sells for 5 gold, 79 silver, and 91 bronze.

Dazzling Longsword

While there may be nothing weird about this sword’s appearance (flaming steel is pretty commonplace in RPGs), it has a rather unique effect that will pop your eyes and drop your jaw. Whenever you hit a target, there’s a chance that your foes armor will drop down by about a hundred for half-a-minute. As if that wasn’t enough, the effect also cancels out your opponents’ stealth and invisibility! It goes for 1 WoW Classic Gold, 85 silver, and 29 bronze,

Manual Crowd Pummeler

As it was with the first weapon on our list, so too is this weapon aptly-named. You can pummel crowds with this mammoth of a mace. You’ll need two hands to wield it as you dish out 46-70 damage with an impressive 29 DPS! The best thing about it? It boasts an on-use effect that boosts your attack speed by 50% for 30 seconds. It sells for 95 silver and 64 bronze.

So there you have it! Weird yet devastating weapons to add to your WoW Classic items wishlist! Azeroth may be filled with all sorts of monsters, but with these delightfully weird weapons, you’ll be the one doing the slaying!

Have you tried any of these weirdest weapons from World of Warcraft Classic out yet? Do you think we missed something on our weird list? Drop a comment and let us know!

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