Playstation games officially released for PSP download

With PS3 riots still running wild, Sony has officially released downloads of PS1 games for the PSP. While this new addition to the Playstation brand won’t cause the need for riot police like other past launches, the integration of all of the Playstation consoles is proving itself to be a very impressive and smooth integration, aside from a few snags ...

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Pantech IM-R110 Cellphone, Swivel What Your Momma Gave You

One thing I’ve learned from watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through my childhood, was the phrase “if you have it, flaunt it”. Much like Carlton and his crazy swiveling hip dance, the Pantech IM-R110 (another Korean made mobile) adds a crazy swivel screen to it’s crazy t-shaped body. Along with it’s love it or hate it design, comes the ...

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Xbox 360 – One-Handed!

Ben Heck (he of console laptop fame) has designed and built a one-handed Xbox 360 controller for an injured Iraq war veteran. Most of the controls are on the underside, including the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the right analog stick, and both triggers (the left trigger is operated via the index finger, the right via the pinky).   ...

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Homemade Wii Joystick Looks Familiar

This apparently homemade Wii joystick makes you wonder. Why is it so much bigger than the console it’s attached to? You could argue that the creator was trying to emulate the feel of an arcade game cabinet, but to us, it looks awfully similar, in both size and design, to the Dreamcast Arcade Stick joystick controller. It has the same ...

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Samsung SCH-B550 brings 3D graphics to mobile

While we’ve all seen mobile’s that look more sleek and flashy, Samsung’s SCH-B550 smartphone is one piece of gear that packs a shit-load of power, into a tiny package. The B550 comes equipped with the usual features of a recently produced Asian cellphone. You got your MP3 player. You’ve got your 2 megapixel camera for any upskirt opportunities that might ...

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Razer DeathAdder mouse for gamers

With a name like “DeathAdder”, this mouse pretty much guarantees to bring the pain to all the orc’s and various villains in the gaming world. What can make a corded mouse earn such a sinister name? The DeathAdder comes equipped with a 3G infrared sensor that packs an 1800 dpi resolution. Enough power to pinpoint your dwarf character’s hand to ...

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