Comparative Analysis: No Deposit Bonuses Vs. Deposit Bonuses

Player incentives are one of the most important tools online casinos use to attract and retain registered players. Modern casinos offer users two types of bonuses according to the way they are received. They are Deposit and No Deposit ones. Both have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If you can choose between these two types, one of them may be more advantageous depending on the situation.

Sometimes the right decision is the key to success when using bonuses. However, even experienced players cannot always determine with certainty which option is more suitable in a particular case. This review offers a comparative analysis of no deposit and deposit bonuses. The main differences and similarities between the two types will be noted. This information will help players make an informed choice and maximize their chances of success at bonuses wagering.

What are the Differences Between No Deposit and Deposit Bonuses

At first glance, it may seem that there are many similarities between the two types of bonuses. In fact, practice proves the opposite. Therefore, we will start our analysis of No Dep, examples of which are widely presented on the review portal, and Deposit Bonus with the differences.

Ways to claim the bonus

The main difference between the two types of online casino bonuses is in their names. No Deposit Bonus – this is the type of incentive that does not require a deposit. To get such a bonus, the casino offers other alternative ways. Most often, no deposit bonuses are given to players for performing the following tasks

  • Registering at the casino.
  • Verification of documents.
  • Downloading the application.
  • Moving to a new level.
  • Completing the terms of the quiz.

This also includes the popular in online casinos Cashback – a partial refund of money lost by a player for a certain period. This bonus cannot be called No Dep because the player has to spend some money to get it. However, formally it is No Deposit – a player gets it without adding his own money to the already lost amount.

Deposit Bonus is the type of bonus for which the punter must deposit the minimum amount specified in the terms and regulations of the promotion. The gift becomes active as soon as the money is credited to the player’s account. This is the main difference between the two. It is not difficult to guess that No Dep is more attractive for users. However, if you analyze the other differences, you can come to the conclusion that such a priority is not always relevant and not for everyone.

Bonus Size

Any type of incentive offered by an online casino is an element of the marketing program. This means that special funds are allocated for the accumulation of bonuses. Naturally, for online casinos more favorable in material terms is the deposit bonus. Therefore, in most cases, the amounts of promotional accruals for this type are much higher. No Deps, designed for all players, do not give the opportunity to win large sums. The only exception may be personalized bonuses for players who invest very large sums.

Therefore, if we compare the two types in terms of value, deposit bonuses are more attractive to customers. For this reason, experienced players and those with VIP status prefer this type of bonus. At the same time, the majority of players who invest relatively small amounts of money in the game like No Deps much more.

Bonus Wagering

For the same reason, the casino sets higher wager requirements for No Deps. Promo funds are limited and therefore the wagering requirements are stricter for this type of bonus. Nevertheless, for experienced players the high wager is not a big problem. Skilled punters can easily wager 20x as well as 70x. However, not only the multiplier but also the time limits play an important role here. Usually the wagering requirements for deposit bonuses are lower.

Another feature that is important in wagering is a withdrawal limit. For example, if the bonus amount is $10 and the wagering limit is 10x, then no matter how much money a player wins while wagering, they will not be able to withdraw more than $100 (10×10). For the reasons already mentioned, No Deps are also less favorable for players in most cases.

Bonus Form

The form is another feature that distinguishes the two types. Deposit bonuses are more often awarded with money in the form of a percentage. No Deps are in most cases free spins. This difference is explained by the simple fact that interest can only be charged on the real amount, and in the absence of a deposit, this amount is also absent. On this basis, it is impossible to determine which of the two types of bonuses is more advantageous for all players, as it all depends on personal preferences.

To the question of differences it should be added that there are exceptions for each of them. For example, the wagering requirements for a personal no deposit bonus may be lower if it is a Birthday Bonus. In rare cases, there is no wager at all and the bonus money is immediately transferred to the real balance.

Common Features of Both Bonus Types

The only similarity between Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses is the order in which they are used. The player fulfills the condition for receiving the gift, receives it and completes the wagering. For all other criteria there are at least small, but differences. The choice between the two types, if there is one, is left to the player and depends on the specific situation.

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