Pop-up Analog Joystick for cellphones


The reason a lot of us have never really got into the whole “cellphone gaming” thing is because of the lack of a decent navigation control option. How can you truly control a game with one hand and no mouse. Which is why this concept of a Pop-Up Joystick is such an interesting idea.

Some people might think it’s just another part to be easily broken, resulting in more trips to the customer service department of your service provider. And that would be a good point. But for those who are interested in mixing their digital mobile life with their gaming alter ego, you would surely find a need for a joystick to enjoy a full gaming experience.

There are no details about releases or if this thing will EVER be released, since it is only a concept, but odds are that if it were to show its face, it would most likely appear in Japan or Korea. Of course, this is only personal speculation, but come on, where else could something like this possibly be available for the first time? — Andrew Dobrow

Compact Analog Thumbstick [IndustrialDesign, via Core77]

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