Rumor: Nintendo Wii HD potential kept secret from public


The Inquirer reports that a drunk Nintendo representative was spewing at the mouth about the Wii GPU’s hi-def capability, even though the full potential is yet to be seen. So why DON’T we see the Wii slinging out high definition resolution? Apparently, for two reasons.

The console can’t handle a reasonable frame rate for true HD quality and because the cost would be even higher then it already is for the gaming unit. So this comes down to the Wii being able to handle HD, but just not at par with the competition. Keeping its capability secret is seeming to be part of the business plan. Although this is just a rumor, hackers are sure to go to work on the GPU unit now that the supposed “word” is out. Seems sort of unlikely, but a Wii HD is worth the experimentation. — Andrew Dobrow

Nintendo hides Wii’s HD [The Inquirer, via GWN News]

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