Superman Returns Alienware Notebook: Just don’t put it near Kryptonite


Alienware might be expensive, but they have some seriously kickass systems. The hardware they shove into their Area-51 laptops makes our computers cower in shame. And now this. A notebook faster then a speeding bullet. It’s a bird. No, a plane. It’s the Alienware Superman Returns Notebook.

Talking about things that are super. The hardware specs on this thing, like the majority of Alienware computers, is SUPER crazy, and SUPER powerful. Alienware also knows how to make a pretty case.

After playing around with a bunch of the options on the product page and taking Alienware’s recommendation of add-ons, the grand total for a Superman Returns notebook is $3274. WOW. By saying wow, we actually mean, Holy Shit!

But for the amount of power packed behind it, Alienware is always a reasonable price for what you actually get. For that price you get a Intel Core Duo Processor among other top of the line specs and periphs. — Andrew Dobrow
Product Page [Alienware]

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