Kinivo BTH260 (V2) Premium Headphones Review

Kinivo BTH260 is one of the latest entries in the Bluetooth wireless headphone scene. These headphones are sweatproof, and are intended for sports wearers, even though leisure wearers can also try it for everyday use. I received a pair in return for an honest review. So, here goes my review of the product. Specs Kinivo BTH260 doesn’t actually introduce anything ...

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RazorPlatinum Review

Where would any of us be without our portable digital devices today? It does not seem that we can go more than five minutes without looking at our phones, checking our tablets, or powering up our laptops. This, of course, is largely because these devices are now more powerful than ever. This means that they can do a lot more ...

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What To Do If Your Electronic Device Has Been Recalled

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 released to much anticipation on August 19, with thousands of users wondering how the device would stack up against the also freshly released Apple iPhone7. And while its features such as the S Pen, wireless charging capabilities and water-resistant design certainly lived up to the hype, Samsung found themselves in the news for a much different ...

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iRig HD 2 Review

For many serious musicians, stepping into the digital age is not the easiest decision to make. For some, it can feel as though the essence of music is being lost with all the devices that it is getting transported through. Many have changed their mind, however, with the release of the iRig HD 2. This miniature piece of equipment was ...

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Touchscreens and Stereos: Tips for Connecting Your Smartphone to Your Car

One of the best things about technology today is the connectivity of it all. You can wirelessly connect your speakers to your stereo, your headphones to your television, even your home appliances to your tablet. Nothing needs to be separated anymore. One of the most common “pairings” of devices is connecting your phone to your car. This allows you to ...

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4 Great Gadgets To Make Your Groupmates Envy

Students dream of the gadgets and devices that can make their lives easier and can save some precious time. Who has never dreamed of a fast essay order or a cool smartphone?Everybody has. However, nowadays most of the students have iPhones, thin laptops and black-and-white e-book therefore there is a high interest in the technique that is less mainstream. Here ...

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Gadgets Are Us: The Best Technology that Small Businesses Should Invest in this Year

Without an IT department, purchasing technology for a small business can be a difficult task.  With so many new tech options to choose from, trying to make purchasing decisions can easily weigh down a small business owner. New innovations in technology have made business solutions more affordable for the smaller players.  The following technology trends for 2016 can help small ...

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Get the Most from Your Favorite Devices


Most tech gadgets are an investment because they cost a decent amount of money. Favorite devices like smartphones and laptops become a necessity and the thought of losing them can cause many people to panic. Make the most out of your investment by taking proper care of your gadgets. Handling your electronics with care will help them last longer and ...

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IK Multimedia Launches iKlip A/V – The First Smartphone Broadcast Mount for Capturing Pro-Quality Audio for Mobile Video

June 23, 2016 – IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that iKlip® A/V, the first broadcast mount for professional audio and video recording with smartphones is now shipping. iKlip A/V now gives broadcasters, videographers and digital storytellers the ability to capture and monitor professional-quality audio for their videos on the go using its integrated high-quality XLR mic preamp with phantom power and ...

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Nerd talks… – 10 Must Have Tech Gadgets

top 10 tech gadgets

The demand and supply of new technology and the implementation of it keeps increasing day by day. It never ceases to surprise us with the amount of variation and creativity it offers with every new release of a gadget. The evolution of technology is only seen through the application of it via gadgets. While many of these gadgets have become ...

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