Make Your Earphones Better with These Simple DIY Tips

Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Smartphones are now equipped with better DAC and signal processors to allow for the delivery of high quality audio. High-quality audio files are also more accessible thanks to the use of AAC and the improved quality offered by streaming services. More importantly, there are many earphones and headphones capable of producing ...

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Top Tech Gadgets that are Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play Today


Technology is constantly evolving and has led to the creation of gadgets that have made it very easy to do tasks that were once seen as challenging, time-consuming or even impossible. When we think of these advances, many of us reflect upon how much inventions like computers, the internet and smartphone technology have increased access to information and simplified processes ...

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iClever SlamBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

In the current gadget market, there so many Bluetooth speakers under various price tags. Quality greatly varies too. So it’s bit of a surprise that the smalliClever SlamBox portable Bluetooth speaker can grab attention in this crowded market. The speaker is affordable, and has been rising in popularity for some time. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, ...

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Tips for Buying Gadgets Online

It is no surprise to find that more and more people are turning to online stores and platforms when it comes to buying products. This includes electronic items. The younger generation, in particular, are more comfortable with purchasing gadgets from websites. While it is certainly a more efficient way of getting your shopping done, there are still a few things ...

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Should you Repair that Gadget or Replace it?

As an engineer, I often try to fix broken things, especially gadgets myself. I am sure a lot of you would be in the same habit. While manufacturers are introducing policies that encourage us to replace products instead of getting them repaired, if your gadget is out of warranty, it might be a good idea to explore the options to ...

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Top 3 Upcoming Console Games

Console Games

For the ultimate gamer in you, if you are constantly looking for the best and latest, there are many new titles you are probably looking forward to seeing hit the shelves. So regardless of the style of gaming you enjoy, these are some of the top games to look out for, for the best consoles, which are bound to get ...

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Best Laptops Under 50k

Day by day laptops are becoming a necessity. But it is a huge investment. For those who have tight budget, these are the best laptops under 50k. Acer aspire E5-57  Price: Rs.46,499 It has a Intel core i5 sixth Generation processor, 8GB space of RAM, 1TB hard disc drive. It has a 15.6” display and windows 10 Operating System. The ...

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Gadgets That Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Technology has changed the way we live our lives in so many ways, particularly for the better. It’s easy to equate tech with entertainment because video games and movies are now right there in our pockets, but gadgets can also do more than just keep boredom at bay. At birth and beyond, there is technology keeping us safe day in ...

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How Playster Plans To Become The Best Multimedia Subscription Service Out There

Playster, a Montreal-based multimedia subscription service, is rapidly increasing its user base as it continues to offer an unparalleled variety of content for an unbeatable price. Playster is charging its users just $24.95 per month for unlimited access to an outstanding array of content, which includes music, books, audio books, games, movies in a single subscription. The service also offers ...

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IS Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone of 2016?

Is the new Samsung Galaxy phone another flagship model, or does it really cater to some good features? Samsung S7 maybe just the best phone of the year passed by. With a sleek, water-proof design, Samsung has outdone all its predecessors and produced a Smartphone that is worth spending a lot of money. So what makes this Samsung phone different ...

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