How Much Does a 65-Inch TV Weigh?

Knowing a television’s weight is essential before making a purchase. A television’s weight can vary based on size, model, and brand. 

It can be rather upsetting and uncomfortable to wind up with a television that is too big for your needs because not all 65-inch TVs weigh the same, and mounting options vary based on where the television is placed in the house. 

Televisions with flat screens are now far lighter than they before were. A new 65-inch television will most likely weigh less than your old one, but you should always ensure this before buying one. 

Find out more about various types of TVs available on the market and the weight of a 65-inch television by reading on!! 

How Much Does A 65-Inch TV Weigh?

65-Inch TV

As previously stated, the weight of a 65-inch television varies. However, the average 65-inch television weighs between 50 and 80 pounds, with most weighing about 55 pounds. 

Although it is feasible to move a 65-inch television by yourself, it is suggested that you have another person with you to assist you. These TVs are rather enormous and unwieldy, making it difficult for one to move independently.

65 Inch TV Weights

The average 65-inch television weighs roughly 55 pounds and is 58 inches broad, 32 inches tall, and 2 inches thick. 

The weights displayed are for the television only and do not include the stand. 

  • LG 65UH6030 – 59.5 lbs.
  • Samsung UN65RU7100 – 55.1 lbs.
  • Sony XBR-65X900F – 54 lbs.
  • TCL 65S435 – 54.9 lbs.
  • Hisense 65U68G – 65 lbs.

Brand and model of television weight (in pounds)Weight (in kilos)

  • LG 65UH6030- 59.5 lbs and 26.98 kgs
  • Samsung UN65RU7100- 24.99 lbs
  • TCL 65S435 Sony – 54.9 lbs and 24.90 kgs
  • XBR-65X900F – 54 lbs and 24.49 kgs
  • 65U68G Hisense – 65 lbs and 29.48 kgs

Weight Limits Of A 65 Inch TV Stand 

Most 65-inch television buyers will mount it on a stand using the provided legs. You can buy a television stand however many people position their television on top of an electric fireplace or bookcase. These are more than capable of supporting the weight of a 65-inch television. Of course, you’ll want to examine the stand’s condition to guarantee its safety. 

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Weight Limits For A Wall Mounting 65 Inch TV

Wall Mounting 65 Inch TV

You can also choose to wall mount your new television. This is accomplished by employing a particular wall mount attached to the studs in your wall. Choose the mount based on the weight of your television because not all wall mounts are intended to hold the same weight. They will have separate weight limitations. 

For example, if a 65-inch television weighs 60 pounds, ensure your wall mount can support at least that much weight. Consider a mount that can support more than your television’s weight as a precaution. 

Best Room Size For A 65 Inch TV

A 65-inch television is large enough to fit in most living rooms and dens. For the optimum viewing experience, According to the TV Size To Distance calculator, sit approximately 8.1ft (2.47m) to 13.5ft (4.12m) for HD TV & 6.5ft (1.98m) for 4K and 8K TV away from the television. If you want to sit more than 9 feet from the television, consider upgrading to a larger model. 

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Will a 65-inch TV Fit In My Vehicle?

Most passenger cars are too small to accommodate a 65-inch television. A television of this size will not fit in the back seat of a typical vehicle or SUV. It will also not fit in an SUV’s cargo space. Remember that if you buy the television from a retail store, it will be put in a huge box, making the television considerably larger. 

It is recommended to transfer a 65-inch television in a van or vehicle. It is advised that the television be transported right side up, rather than flat on its back. The back doors or hatch of an SUV are simply not large enough, and the car itself is too short to accommodate.

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How Do You Hang a Heavy TV On Your Wall?

Choosing A Correct TV Mount

  • Fixed TV wall mounts hold the television in place, flat against the wall.
  • Swivel TV wall mounts allow the screen to revolve to the left and right, allowing viewing from anywhere in the room.
  • When positioned higher on a wall, tilting TV wall mounts allow you to slant the screen down for improved viewing.
  • Full-motion TV wall mounts allow you to alter the television’s tilt to the right manually, left, up, and down. 
  • Some versions have a telescopic arm, which is beneficial for mounting a TV on a wall in a corner.

Choosing Correct Height

When determining how to install a TV, many believe nothing else is more crucial. 

When seated, the best viewing height is to center the display at eye level. Many people believe that this is too low for a wall mount. Rather, they adhere to the following rules:

  • Place the bottom of the display no higher than eye level when seated.
  • When standing, the top of the display should not be higher than eye level.

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How do you know the weight of your TV?

Check The Label

Do it right now!!! Just flip the label, and there you have it. Different TVs have different weights and sizes, so check these things before mounting your TV on the wall. And if you can’t find the label, just go to your TV provider’s official website and insert your TV model to look at its specifications.


Compare your TV size with any other similar model and look for its weight. Generally, the weight between the exact TV sizes does not differ. For instance, two 65-inch TVs of similar brands would share almost similar weights regardless of the brand. 

Checking On The Internet

Well, you can look for your TV model online on several different blogs. There are several such sites so that you will know for sure!! 

Contact Customer Support

Lastly, if nothing works, you can contact your TV’s customer support to know your TV’s weight before mounting it on the wall. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have understood the importance of knowing the weight of your TV. Before mounting your TV on the wall or putting it anywhere, you must consider these factors. You can know the weight of your TV by factoring in such things and buying the best TV for your home or office. 

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