Why Samsung TV Apps Not Working & Fixes?

Samsung TV Apps

The availability and use of smart TVs are on the rise. More and more people are now switching to smart TVs for a seamless streaming experience, especially on the varying OTT platforms.

However, with the convenience comes technical issues. Samsung smart TVs are gaining rapid popularity and momentum in the market. But they come with their fair share of complications. Of them, the apps not working is a prevalent one.

This article will highlight why the Samsung TV apps aren’t working and what you can do to fix the issue.

Why Are Apps Not Working on My Samsung TV?

If you are experiencing errors with the Samsung TV apps, be assured that the issues come with troubleshooting fixes.

Two of the most common reasons why the apps aren’t functioning normally are:

  • Outdated software
  • Wrong network settings

Once you identify what’s causing the error, it becomes easier for you to fix the issue with easy firmware updates or by cleaning out some old cache files.

How To Troubleshoot Samsung TV Apps Not Working?

Once you know what’s causing the error while opening the Samsung TV apps, troubleshooting becomes more accessible.

Following are some quick fixes you can implement to sort out the errors in your Samsung TV.

1. Cold boot the Samsung Smart TV

Before you confuse a cold reboot with standby mode, let us clarify that both situations are different.

Putting your Samsung TV on Standby mode doesn’t disconnect the smart TV from the power outlet. This means that a simple button on the remote control will switch on the TV again.

On the other hand, a cold reboot is restarting your Samsung smart TV. It restarts your television with a new boot experience. Contrary to what you think, a cold reboot fixes any technical or software-related glitch in the TV.

Not only will it fix the apps not working, but a cold reboot will also eliminate system crashes or the constant buffering you were experiencing.

The easiest way to cold reboot your Samsung TV is to unplug the device from the power outlet. Following that, wait for 50-60 seconds and then plug it back. Finally, turn on the television, and you can use it as usual.

2. Check for Software Updates

Sometimes, outdated software in your Samsung smart TV could be a reason why you are experiencing issues with the app’s operation.

Most of Samsung TVs run on Tizen OS. It will reflect on the app’s functionalities if you haven’t updated the operating system in a long time. Sometimes, the lack of the latest update might also lead to the app glitching and crashing, which is typical.

Following the steps should tell you how to check for an OS update on Samsung TV:

  • First, connect your Samsung TV to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Next, press the Home button on the remote.
  • From there, head over to the Settings page.
  • Then, under the Support option, click Software Update.
  • From there, you can check if any latest software updates are available.

If there are, you can always update your Samsung TV to the latest software version, which should fix the glitches and buffering you are experiencing.

3. Reinstall the app on the TV

Sometimes, app errors happen during the installation process. In that case, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your Samsung TV.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote and select the Apps option.
  • From there, go to the Settings page to view the list of all the apps installed on your TV.
  • You need to find the app that’s not working on your Samsung TV and delete it.
  • Once done, you can navigate the search box and type the app’s name.
  • Click on it and then reinstall the app you just uninstalled.

Once you have completed the reinstallation process, you can check if the app typically works.

4. Reset Smart Hub on the TV

The Smart Hub is a feature on Samsung TV that allows users to access all the downloaded apps together.

However, you need to understand that it’s a relatively new feature. So, not every Samsung smart TV has the Smart Hub feature. If yours does, resetting this feature can fix the app errors you are experiencing.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • First, press the Menu button on the TV remote.
  • From there, select Settings and go to Support.
  • From there, select Self-Diagnosis.
  • Under that, select the “Reset Smart Hub” option that’s available.

Following that, you’d have to wait until the reset happens from the start till the end. Also, once the reset is complete, open the app that was malfunctioning before and see if it’s working.

5. Clear App Cache

Excess and unnecessary accumulation of app cache is another reason your Samsung TV apps are showing errors. Sometimes, mistakes also happen following a new update to the app.

If you are considering uninstalling the app from the TV, we’d recommend you try clearing the cache first. Not only will it optimize the overall performance, but it will also fix the lagging issues you are experiencing.

Clearing the app cache is simple. Follow the steps:

  • Press the menu button from your remote and then select the Settings option.
  • Under that, select the Support option.
  • From there, you have to select “Device Care.”
  • Under that, you will find a list of all the apps installed on your Samsung TV.
  • Tap on the app that’s malfunctioning.
  • Tap on View details under the app.
  • Look for the “Clear Cache” option from there.

Once you have cleared the cache, launch the app again and see if that makes any difference to the app’s functionalities.

6. Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes, an app misbehaving in your Samsung TV could be a direct manifestation of your slow internet connectivity.

Streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc., require high-speed internet. If you aren’t connected to the same, it will most likely affect the user experience.

Ensure that you are connected to a stable internet connection for a smoother user experience, especially when it involves streaming apps.


That’s all you need to know about fixing the app errors you experience on your Samsung TV. With how quickly the settings are evolving, it isn’t surprising that you have to be on top of your game. Always keep a check on the firmware and the internet connection when experiencing issues with the apps.  

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