Fire Stick Troubleshooting 101: How To Reset Fire Stick Without Remote

Are you stuck with a broken Fire Stick and unable to locate the remote? Isn’t it frustrating? Don’t worry; this article shows you how to reset your Fire Stick without the remote. 

So, get ready to reclaim control of your Fire Stick and resume uninterrupted viewing of your favorite shows and movies. Say goodbye to remote issues and welcome to the world of resetting Fire Stick without a remote!

5 Best Ways To Reset Fire Stick Without Remote

Method 1: Using The Fire TV App

The Fire TV app is useful for controlling and navigating your Fire Stick from your mobile device. It functions as a virtual remote, giving you access to all of the features of your Fire Stick without the need for a physical remote. 

Download and install the Fire TV app on your mobile device to get started.

  • Installing and Configuring the Fire TV App: 
  • Navigate to your device’s app store (Google Play or Apple App Store) and search for “Fire TV app.”
  • Install the app on your mobile
  • After installing the app, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your Fire Stick. 
  • To ensure flawless communication, connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire Stick.
  • Controlling and Navigating with the Fire TV App: Once connected to your Fire Stick, you can use the Fire TV app as a remote control. The software mimics the functions of the real remote, allowing you to navigate menus, pick apps, control playback, and change settings. The software includes all of your favorite buttons, such as the directional pad, home button, menu button, and playback controls.
  • Accessing the Settings Menu and Resetting the Device: You can simply access your Firestick settings menu using the Fire TV app. 
  • Using the app, navigate to the home screen and then scroll down to the “Settings” option. 
  • From there, you can experiment with different Fire Stick settings and choices. 
  • To execute a factory reset, navigate to the settings menu’s “System” or “Device” section and seek the “Reset to Factory Defaults” or similar option. 

Method 2: Utilizing The Alexa Voice Remote App

Another great solution for controlling and resetting your Fire Stick without a physical remote is the Alexa Voice Remote app. 

This program uses voice commands to allow you to navigate and operate your Fire Stick using only your voice. 

Download and install the Alexa Voice Remote app on your mobile device to get started.

  • Installing And Configuring The Alexa Voice Remote App
  • Go to your device’s app store, such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and look for the “Alexa Voice Remote app.”
  • Install the app on your mobile.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account after opening the app. T
  • To ensure flawless communication, connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire Stick.
  • Using The App’s Virtual Remote Control: Once you’ve installed and linked the Alexa Voice Remote app to your Fire Stick, you can use the virtual remote control feature. 

The UI is similar to that of a standard remote control, including buttons for navigation, playback, and other important tasks. 

  • Resetting the Fire Stick
  • Simply press and hold the microphone button on the app’s UI and voice your instruction. 
  • You can say, “Open Netflix” or “Go to settings.” 
  • This voice control capability also includes the ability to reset your Fire Stick. 
  • You can initiate a factory reset by saying “Reset Fire Stick” or a similar command in the app’s voice command feature.

Method 3: HDMI-CEC Feature With TV Remote

The HDMI-CEC capability allows you to control and reset your Fire Stick without using a dedicated controller. 

  • HDMI-CEC is an abbreviation for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control.
  • A technology that allows compatible devices, such as the Fire Stick and your TV, to interact and be controlled by a single remote. 

Here’s how you can use your TV remote and the HDMI-CEC capability to control and reset your Fire Stick:

  • Ensure TV Compatibility And Enable HDMI-CEC: Check your TV’s user manual or settings menu to see if it supports HDMI-CEC and what name it goes by (for example, Samsung Anynet+, Sony Bravia Sync). 
  • Enable the HDMI-CEC feature in the settings menu of your television. 
  • The exact instructions will differ based on the manufacturer and model of your television.
  • Using The Fire Stick To Control Using The TV Remote
  • Once HDMI-CEC is activated, you can operate the Fire Stick using your TV remote. 
  • Use the directional buttons on your TV remote to move through menus, pick apps, and control playback on the Fire Stick. 
  • Some TV remotes can also include specialized buttons for specific operations like Home, Back, or Play/Pause, which can be utilized with the Fire Stick.
  • Resetting Your Device
  • To reset the Fire Stick with the TV remote, browse the Firestick settings menu using the directional buttons on the TV remote. 
  • Locate the “System” or “Device” settings, and then find the option to conduct a factory reset inside that menu. 
  • To begin the reset procedure, follow the on-screen instructions. Please remember that resetting the Fire Stick will wipe all data and settings, so create a backup of any vital data first.

Method 4: Using An Alternative Remote Control

You can use an alternate remote control when you don’t have the original Fire Stick remote. Here’s how to use a different remote control to reset your Fire Stick:

  • Identifying Compatible Alternative Remotes: Look for compatible remote control alternatives for the Fire Stick. Some universal remote controls and smart TV remotes are available for the Fire Stick. To confirm compatibility, check the remote’s specifications or contact the manufacturer.
  • Pairing And Configuring The Alternative Remote: To pair and configure the alternative remote control with the Fire Stick, follow the instructions included with it. This usually entails entering a code or adhering to a certain pairing procedure. For more information, consult the user manual or manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Accessing The Settings Menu: After pairing and configuring the alternative remote with the Fire Stick, use the remote’s navigation buttons to reach the Firestick settings menu. This is normally accomplished by hitting the remote’s designated “Settings” or “Menu” button.
  • Resetting The Device
  • To begin a factory reset, navigate to the “System” or “Device” settings section of the Firestick settings menu. 
  • Look for and select the factory reset option using the other remote. 
  • To confirm and begin the reset procedure, follow the on-screen prompts. 

Method 5: Hard Reset With A Power Cycle

Many Fire Stick issues, including the reset requirement, can be resolved with a simple power cycle. Here’s how to hard reset the Fire Stick by power cycling it:

  • Understanding A Power Cycle: A power cycle entails unplugging the Fire Stick from its power supply and leaving it without power for a short period of time. This procedure aids in the removal of any temporary flaws or conflicts that can cause problems.
  • Hard Reset Procedure: To do a hard reset with a power cycle, follow these steps:
  • Unplug the Fire Stick device’s power adapter.
  • Unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet.
  • Wait around 10-15 seconds to ensure complete power discharge.
  • Reconnect the Fire Stick’s power adapter.
  • Replace the power adapter in the power outlet.
  • Additional Thoughts & Troubleshooting Suggestions: Here are a few points to remember when employing this method:
  • To ensure the best compatibility and performance, use the original power adapter that came with the Fire Stick.
  • Check that all connections are secure and properly plugged in.
  • If a power cycle does not address the problem, you may need to attempt other troubleshooting methods or contact Amazon customer service for assistance.


There are various ways to reset a Fire Stick without using a remote. Whether you use the Fire TV app, the Alexa Voice Remote app, the HDMI-CEC feature with your TV remote, an alternative remote control, or even a power cycle to reset your Fire Stick.

These methods provide convenient solutions to reset your Fire Stick and resolve any issues you may encounter. 

Choose the way that best meets your requirements and preferences, and then enjoy uninterrupted streaming on your Fire Stick.

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