Experts from AskGrowers Review Cloud Restorative Rainbow Vape Pen

  • Brand: Cloud
  • Product Type: CBD Vape Pens
  • Compatibility: Vaporizer Liquid
  • CBD Content: 440mg
  • THC Content: 450mg
  • Charging Type: USB
  • Flavor: Blueberry
  • Possible Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Relief, Balanced.

If there is one constant about vape devices and their consequent vape juices is that there is no room for boredom. The flavor variety provides users with a range of products that they can interchange to suit their body and flavor needs. With so many products on the market, it is always advisable to conduct research beforehand. Looking at Rainbow Cloud vape and its blueberry flavor only proves the need for brands to offer diverse products to their customers. This product is averagely priced and comes with 1g of vape juice to kickstart your vaping experience.

Background Information

Cloud Vapes is an entity that has been in the electronic pens industry since 2012. They have their base in South Carolina and have, since their inception, won 14 Best Category awards. Their products have a design that aims at providing customers with efficiency and variety for the different needs of their clientele. They have wax-compatible pens, vaporizers, vape juices, and more.

Most of their products have high-functioning batteries that can easily get recharged. The target is customer satisfaction which necessitates long-lasting 420mAh batteries that last between 1 and 2 hours. As mentioned, the company has different pens and vaporizers for the varying needs of its users. The same applies to vape juices with different potencies. Some have balanced THC and CBD levels, and others lean strongly on either side.

The brand has a dedication to providing high-quality products that are cheap and accessible. Reviewing some of their top products will give you a brief idea of the type that suits your needs and any other accessories you may need.

Design and Features of the Cloud Restorative Rainbow Vape Pen

In discussing the design and key features of the Restorative Rainbow vape pen, it is vital to note that its design is adaptable to proprietary vape juice. The vape cartridge is the main aspect of the product, and it is reassuring to know it can get used with a range of other batteries.

The vape kit is of a typical cartridge shape with cylindrical features. It has a mouthpiece, a tank, and a battery section. The coil is made of ceramic material, which continues to prove its efficiency at evenly heating the vaporizer juice. In addition to these, it comes in a pleasing gold color. The Cloud vape pen is pleasing and easy to carry around.

Like many other pens, it is small and easy to store in bags. It is slightly different from Cloud’s Flash pen, which had some flat edges on the sides to ensure it stays in place once placed on a flat surface. The lack of flat edges means that the pen can easily roll away. The other key feature of the device is that you can replace the 420mAh battery whenever it is done. The device, as mentioned, is compatible with other batteries that serve the same purpose making it easy to navigate.

Regarding the heating possibilities, knowing that the device is rechargeable is reassuring. It has a charging port that uses a USB cable. This aspect means you can get several uses from your vape pen before its lifespan runs out and you need to find a replacement.

Potency is another critical feature that is at the top of the line of people’s consideration when getting vaporizers. The vape juice in this kit has a blueberry flavor, as mentioned. This flavor is the result of mixing Dancehall and Blueberry strain varieties. The outcome is a potent compound that has fruity tastes and soothing undertones. The potency of these combined strains is 1:1 CBD to THC levels. The CBD level stands at 440mg, and the THC level at 450mg. This potency aligns with the 44% and 45% levels for CBD and THC.

Lastly, the design of the vape kit is efficient and quite light. It weighs 1g, which is reasonable enough to carry around without hassles. The company has elaborate return policies, which means it is easy to get a refund if you are dissatisfied with the products. This kit costs $30, which is a fair price, especially considering it is a rechargeable vaporizer.

How To Use and Maintain a Vape Pen

While writing reviews, most people skip the how-to-use part because they consider it too straightforward. Admittedly, using vape kits from Cloud and other brands is not rocket science. There is still some need to offer basic pointers for beginners and others who might find them complex.

It is helpful that the entire device comes as one complete object. The mouthpiece, the tank, and the battery are part of one device with a button to initiate its use. All you have to do is press the button for the heating to commence and inhale through the mouthpiece. The quality of the mouthpiece could be better, but it does serve its purpose as it is with no advanced technology.

After every 1-2 hours, you will have to recharge your device for a couple more uses before charging it again. This process may seem too much, but considering it is cheap and efficient, carrying a portable charger will save you some time.

Besides how to use the device, most people often wonder how to maintain their pends. Even though they are not long-lasting devices, the care given influences the longevity of the kit. Over time your mouthpiece and other parts may accumulate dust and debris. To clean these parts, you must use an alcohol wipe and remove any debris before it clogs the open sections.

Also, make a point to properly store the device in a cool and safe place in between uses. Some of its parts may be prone to breaking or function poorly with subpar storage.

Gauging the Performance and Vapor Quality of Cloud Restorative Rainbow Vape Pen

The battery power determines the vapor quality and performance of the Restorative Rainbow Cloud vape pen. In discussing the performance, it would be an injustice not to mention the fast heating time. The pen offers one of the fastest heating times compared to other pens in the market. The inhalation process is smooth and does not lead to choking or strain on the throat.

The vapor temperature is just right to accommodate the safe use of the product. The vapor quality is also similarly high as the mouthpiece delivers a cool and satisfactory vapor to the mouth and throat. The heating element ensures that the quality of vapor released is above average and safe for human consumption.

Regarding general quality, the device delivers a wholesome feel of flavor and potent THC and CBD levels. Despite the light nature of the pen, it delivers a punch that results in high-quality effects. Some users report feeling happy, relaxed, and with elevated moods.

It is also efficient to consider that the vape juice cartridge is adaptable to other batteries in case its own fails. This aspect allows users to use devices on hand rather than shopping for compatible ones online.

Pros and Cons of the Restorative Rainbow Cloud Vape Pen

These are some of the notable upsides and downsides of this vaporizer we came across in our research.


  • Light and convenient to carry around
  • Sweet flavor
  • Potent THC and CBD levels
  • Results in relaxing and happy effects


  • Short battery life span


With most companies producing CBD-dominant vape juices, it is reassuring to know that Cloud has a product that offers a more balanced experience. The Restorative Rainbow piece offers its users a heavy hit of THC and CBD. The pen is easy to use and comes in a delightful blueberry flavor. This flavor and the potency levels deliver pleasing effects of relaxation, relief, and happiness and even induce one’s appetite. The device is relatively cheap and easy to carry as it only weighs 1g. The battery is high functioning, but you can change it if anything goes wrong.

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