Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask: We Come In Peace… And Latex

This is, like, the extraterrestrial version of a video game. Except the video part is a manipulated human brain and the game is world domination. Which, now that I think of it, doesn't sound like a video game at all. HEY! YOU SAID THIS WOULD BE FUN! I THOUGHT.... (various suction noises) Hell-o, I am Zorr, please provide me your hand and/or colon.

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CONFIRMED: Tetris Film Adaptation is in Production

If I were asked to choose which classic retro video game would never and COULD never be adapted for the big screen, Tetris would have easily been my answer. But here we are. Threshold Entertainment has received the green light from The Tetris Company to produce a film adaptation of the classic block-puzzler. “What started as a simple, computer puzzle game 30 years ago, ...

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Headspace Review Guided Meditation

headspace meditation

In this fast paced world and our busy lives who doesn’t need time and a way to clear one’s mind? I know I sure do! Whether it is crying kids, hectic work schedule or housework that just keeps piling up, it seems that my mind is constantly boggled almost to the place of totally being insane at times. I have ...

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