How to Spruce Up Your Work Wardrobe

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your work wardrobe. You might find that each morning, bleary-eyed, you reach for the same styles of trousers and shirts. If this applies to you,  now’s the time to make a change. By revamping your workwear, you can improve your look and boost your confidence. You don’t have ...

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6 Best Paying Careers for Working Moms

Every day, more mothers return to the workforce. With flexible working hours and high pay rates in the medical, financial, and marketing industries, it’s easy to see why. Dental Hygienist Dental hygienists nationwide make an average of $32.52 per hour, or over $65,000 per year. To put that into perspective, Americans make an average of $53,000 per year. A dental ...

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Get Your Dental Hygiene Up To Scratch with the O’Nano Toothbrush

  Choosing a toothbrush is all about your preference- some feel quite comfortable with a trusty manual toothbrush, others prefer fancy stuff like electric toothbrushes. Now here is a toothbrush you’ll certainly persevere with even if you don’t enjoy using modern day brushes. The Standard soft toothbrush comes with an anti-bacterial sanitizer shield so you really can’t go wrong with O’Nano ...

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The Unique History of the Engagement Ring

For as long as humans have been around, we have been decking ourselves out in jewellery. One of the most important pieces of jewellery that a woman wears today is her engagement ring, a piece that’s admired and cherished for the rest of her life. Check out this slick infographic from Vashi to learn fun facts about the origin of ...

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Britain’s Most Iconic Buildings

Britain certainly has its fair share of impressive buildings. From medieval halls to modern skyscrapers, the country contains some of the world’s most well known and best loved constructions. Keeping these structures in tiptop condition is not easy, but thanks to skilled building and repair firms, the landmarks look just as impressive now as ever. Here are just some of ...

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Best Home Improvement Projects for Increasing the Value of Home


With the real estate market in a great slump, many people have chosen to not sell their home. Rather, they have decided to increase the sale value of your property in Delhi. Many home improvement projects add value to your home and improve the quality of life. By working on these projects, one can enjoy the updates and benefits that ...

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How To Get Unstuck When Life Feels Walled In

get unstuck

If we could divide the world into two types, there might be an argument for labeling one group the Unstuck and the other group Stuck. Even the Unstuck get stuck once in a while and those who are Stuck sometimes break free and move forward with their lives on occasion. But I know some truly happy people who don’t really ...

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