The Most Bizarre Dishes Around the World

Food is an intrinsic part of cultures around the world. When you are traveling, trying out new dishes and local cuisines lets you connect with the places and their people. It’s like getting a taste of culture on your plate!

Having said there are some peculiar and bizarre dishes around the world, which is surprisingly very popular in the places of their origin. Today we will take a look at some meals that make into the top five weirdest in the world!


Tuna Eyeballs

Even the name sounds weird! Yes, this is pretty much what you are guessing; it is the eyeballs of the Tuna fish. The Tuna Eyeballs is a Japanese dish, and apparently, it tastes close to a squid. So go ahead and order some eyes on your plate next time you are visiting Japan!


This dish comes from the beautiful country of Northern Lights: Iceland. But then again, who knew they had a recipe like this! So let me elaborate. To make this dish, you need to rot the carcass of a Greenland or basking (Somniosidae) shark and then bury it underground in a shallow pit. 

After that, press it with stones so that the poisonous internal fluids can be drained out, and the meat is safe for consumption. Hang it out to dry, slice it into pieces, and if you can smell an ammonia-rich scent, your dish is ready to be served. Enjoy!

Wasp Crackers

Yes, you read it correctly. This is a Japanese dish,  where the wasp that fills the cracker makes the main ingredient. Also, the wasps can sting too, just to warn you ahead before you take a munch!

Witchetty Grub

This was an indigenous staple food amongst the bushmen tribe of Australia. These grubs are either eaten raw or served lightly cooked with crispy skin that apparently tastes like fried chicken.


A Scottish delicacy, Haggis is made in the following way in case you want to try out the recipe yourself. As ingredients, you would need a sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs that were appropriately minced and mixed with onions, oatmeal, and suet. Season this with salt and spices. Now cook them inside the animal’s stomach. Your dish is ready for tasting

Jing Leed

It sounds like an exotic fancy dish, right? Well, not exactly. This Thai recipe consists of grasshoppers! It’s very easy to make, in fact. Just go to your garden, catch a big grasshopper, season it with salt, pepper, chili, and then fry it. Traditionally the frying part is done on a wok, but then again, you have the freedom to make your changes in a recipe!

Pickled Egg

This is basically a hardboiled egg that is put in a jar of vinegar. The sour liquid seeps into the yolk, and the cold powdery yolk then acquires a very sharp and bitter taste. Sounds so palatable! So, don’t forget to try them the next time you are in the UK. 


These delightful recipes leave one at a loss of words. But hey, new places, new culture, and their new dose of weirdness make this world so colorful. So go ahead, gather your guts chin up and try these out next time you go globetrotting!

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