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The days of college students scrambling to find housing after their dorming experience is nearing an end. Whether you’re a college student trying to snatch a place during your summer or winter breaks, or have had enough of living the dorm life, a unique solution to your problems, Done Dorming is coming to your aid.

The service aims to provide college students, who are transitioning out of dorms, information on the kinds of houses and apartments available to them in their nearby area. The company consolidates and organizes this information for students so that the viewer can make a calculated decision on what kind of place would suit them best. It lessens the stress of having to do all the legwork yourself, thereby also saving you time and energy and also presenting options that may not have otherwise been made available.

Traditionally, college students have had to rely on college dorms and off-campus housing to get their accommodation during their college years. These places tend to be costly, have a lot of rules and restrictions, and despite the high prices, you usually end up with a small room that you might have to share. This, combined with the stress of college, make a lot of people want to move out after a few months, but only the really determined ones are able to do that successfully as there’s a lot of work and background checks involved with leasing out properties. Some people are reluctant to lease out to college students for fear of not being able to keep up with rent, damage to the property, or noisy parties. It becomes very difficult for students to find willing renters for them.

This new website wants to reinvent this previously dreadful and costly experience of going around looking for housing into a social experience. Rather than settle for what the colleges offer you, the website puts the students in control. With this service, the students have the choices, the options, and the feedback from others, to make a solid decision on what kind of place they can live in and what to realistically expect from it. It combines finding a property, with bringing friends together to search and review the place, lease it, and check out the local services closeby. For the landlords and homeowners of these properties, it provides a convenient platform to meet their potential lessees, get to know them, and make the signup process much simpler. This service streamlines the process, making renters and students much easier to meet and come to an understanding of what their expectations are. It brings people together and allows them to talk about their experiences and get what they need.

Promotion and sponsorship for Done Dorming is spearheaded by LDM, a successful digital marketing agency that has established its position in the field.  With their vast researching capabilities, marketing, and analytical prowess, their services will be a great aid to the success of Done Dorming. If you’re a college student, and you’ve decided to leave the dorm to seek a place of your own, it’s definitely something you should check out.

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