Three Tips to Make Your Packing Stress Free and Organized


Taking help of the moving and packing company for packing your home makes the relocation procedure a lot much easier and less stressful. However, some people prefer packing their stuff themselves, either because they feel paying the moving company is a waste of money or because they like to place all their belongings their way. If you think, you are not good in the latter case, here are some of the steps to ensure that your packing process is least stressful.

Collect Packing Supplies: To ensure that you systematically organize all your belongings, there are a number of packing supplies that you will be needing. Some of them are:

  • Permanent markers
  • Packing paper, cushioning for valuables, bubble wrapping sheets
  • Packing tape
  • Boxes
  • Plastic bags

For organized and systematic packing you will need boxes of three different sizes. Also, there should be some sturdy and corrugated boxes to transfer your valuables, fragile items, and dishware. Stock up as many boxes you can, as you will be needing more than what you have estimated.

Declutter: After you have collected all the necessary things to pack your stuff, the next step is to start decluttering your objects. It is known to be the most crucial step for moving your home. Many of the moving companies charge you on the weight you will be transferring, so it is important that you pack only the stuff that is of use and leave the remaining behind. Go through each room of your place, look for the things that you have not been using for quite some time, objects that have been broken or damaged. Take a trash bag along and place all this stuff into it. Be practical, having your feelings and memories attached to them is understandable, but, if you will never use it, what is the point in keeping it.

Know the basics of packing: There are some things that you should keep in mind before you prepare yourself to shift. Firstly, spread the entire stuff, it helps in saving you from scrambling at the last hour. Start the process, at least, a month before and keep the boxes that are packed in the storage closets. This way you will never miss anything.

Secondly, place all the heavy objects on the bottom and lightweight objects on the top. This adds to the stability of the boxes while transporting.

Thirdly, place the lighter items in the big box and heavier items in the small boxes.

Remember, the more organized you are, the less chaotic the entire process will be. Set up an organizational system to make your packing stress free. Color code the boxes or mark each box with a number and generate an inventory list for the same. Prepare checklists to make the procedure more systematic and quick. After all, the more organized the boxes are, the less stressful unpacking will be.

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