Things to do in Huddersfield

Studying in Huddersfield is a great choice for a student, especially if you want to qualify as a teacher. It’s a nationally renowned University for teaching degrees, but it’s also set in a vibrant town that will definitely let you fill your down time with culture, entertainment and a busy nightlife.

Here are some of the best things about Huddersfield to help you plan out a busy year, whether you’ve just moved into University of Huddersfield Accommodation, or are digging into a third or fourth year of study.

Food and Drink

One of the biggest events in Huddersfield is August’s food and drink festival.Over 100,000 people are drawn to this four day event annually, sampling food from around the world and local produce as well. It’s not just a chance to stuff your face for four days: this could be a great opportunity to find a special shop to treat yourself when you’ve just finished an essay and deserve some fancy cheese or the very best of cakes.

More details and a mailing list are available at the website, so you’ll be able to beat the crowds spring into action when the first stalls are set up.

Sci Fi Fandoms Unite

Huddersfield University plays host to a crowd of sci-fi fans, writers and thinkers over the October half term, as the Sci-Fest Yorkshire comes to town. Recent guests include renowned author Ken Macleod, marking this out as an event for the cognoscenti of the science fictional world.

With more people than ever happy to admit to a love of spaceships, time travel and the big questions of the future, this event is a chance to roll your sleeps and get immersed with other fans of the genre. Whether you make new friends, or argue vehemently about the legacy of Iain M Banks, you’re sure to have a great time.


Rounding out the year, in November venues across the town play are hosting the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. As well as Huddersfield Town Hall, the Lawrence Batley Theatre and the Creative Arts Building at the University, there’s also a special Festival Hub where you can find information, merchandise and free performances every morning of the festival.

With previous attendees including Philip Glass and Brian Eno, this is a great chance to find out what’s going on with the latest music, and hear some classics, film soundtracks and musicians at the peak of their abilities!

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