8 topics to discuss with a Russian girl


A conversation is an integrant part of any relationship, no matter if it is a friendship or love. Talking in the modern world is not only a danger signal, but also a mean of developing your partnership. As well, talks and dialogues help to create a great atmosphere for your Russian girl. Men frequently suggest talking with a girl is not necessary. The relationships do not work like this. To know each other better, you need to initiate an information exchange. In this article, we are going to provide you with eight safe topics to discuss on the date with your Russian girl. They will support your chat and open new opportunities to learn each other. Before that, let’s start with topics you should avoid at any cost:

  • A very meticulous topic that can summon an argument. Of course, you can talk about it, but much, much later;
  • Alongside with religion, this topic can become a stumbling block and cease your future relations from scratch;
  • Never initiate a conversation about your previous partner. Your Russian girl does not want to tell you about her exes, as well as does not want to know about your experiences. Put it off for years;
  • Material possessions. Well, you can talk about it, but avoid boasting. A Russian girl is not interested in your financial state, by far.

Now we can start a countdown of popular topics for discussion:

  1. Childhood memories : Being one of the most appreciated topics, childhood can raise positive emotions in anyone. Even if her childhood years weren’t all that beautiful and happy, she would still have something charming to recollect. As well, it helps to learn her better – information about juvenile can tell more than you think. This topic will make her feel secure with you.
  2. Travelling : If your Russian girl went to various places, she would have many things to tell you. Likewise, a woman would attentively listen when you tell about your trips to Amazonia or Thailand. You may never find a girl that will tell you to that she hates to travel and see other countries! This topic can tell you about places she wants to visit, which characterizes her from various sides.
  3. Family : You can start by discussing her Russian family and slowly move to your ideas about future family. Why do you need that? Obviously, you should check out if your plans for future are similar, or else it will painfully ruin your relationships, but much later. In addition, this topic can comfort a Russian girl – she will be thinking about her mother and relatives.
  4. Hobbies : Being one of the simplest yet informative topics, ‘hobbies’ can tell what kind of things your girl likes and dislikes. Knowing about a woman’s hobbies not only reveals who she is and if she has an interesting life. It also gives you the chance to find out if you are a good match for each other. For example, you could attend yoga classes together. Or spend a lot of time cooking together. A brilliant topic!
  5. Movies : A safe topic if your conversation is not going too well. 80% of Western people watched the same films in different years. Even if she did not see the film you are talking about, you can recommend it and say, “We can watch it together”. This phrase sounds absolutely innocent but gives you an opportunity to see her reaction. She blushed and smiled? You are on the right way!
  6. Goals : A rather problematical topic. On one hand, you would have to tell her about your goals and ideas of a happy life. On the other hand, it will give you a full vision of her ideas for life and family. When a woman tells you that her biggest passion is to help people become healthy by fulfilling her duties as a nurse, you should definitely talk about that with her. And, as well, you can begin organizing your wedding. She is perfect!
  7. Books : We can see another safe topic here. Discussing books positively characterize both of you. Intelligent people read more than others do. This simple formula always works properly. Moreover, if your girl did not read the book you are talking about, you could tell her about it and entertain her in this way.
  8. Pets : Almost every Russian family has a dog or a cat. Or any other kind of pet. You can ask her about her childhood pets (positive emotions!) or the one she has now. Hint: listen closely to the way she talks about animals; the approach to them is often similar to her approach to children. Do not focus you attention on the cat-dog conflict. If she is a dog person and you are a cat person – just ignore that. These childish differentiations do not work in real life.

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