Button Down Pillow

Screw Goodwill! Designer Ximena Orozco has made pillows from old, tasteless clothing previously collecting dust. A great way to turn an ugly wool jacket into an even uglier wool pillow. Trashing clothes is a real waste and no one wants to support the broke and homeless, so this is a great way to not only avoid helping hobos but also get a pillow out of otherwise unwearable gear.

I finally have a reason to get rid of my Michael Jackson jacket and at the same time, get a sweet looking red/black leather pillow covered in zippers. I’m hoping to look like Freddy Krueger by sunrise.
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  1. Dear Ryan,
    I saw these pillows at the 2008 ICFF. You have no idea what you are talking about. First of all they are not made out of recycled clothing, they are made out wool felt. From what I understand this designer got tons of attention from specialized design criticts (unlike yourself). How can you call yourself a design expert…when you don’t even bother in investigating what you write about
    Bad Ryan….Bad and lazy, next time try a little thing called google

  2. I think They’re cute.

  3. Dear Julieta,

    Thanks for not reading my post in which I never claimed any of the things you mentioned. Kudos for the unnecessary flame.

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