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Taste of Tech: Breakfast, Shot from Guns

An atemporal history of puffed cereals suggests that the links between food and industry stretch back to the beginnings of civilization. The latest in our series on the science and technology of food, co-produced with GOOD.

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Button Down Pillow

Screw Goodwill! Designer Ximena Orozco has made pillows from old, tasteless clothing previously collecting dust. A great way to turn an ugly wool jacket into an even uglier wool pillow. Trashing clothes is a real waste and no one wants to support the broke and homeless, so this is a great way to not only avoid helping hobos but also ...

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Eating With A Stick Was Never This Elegant

Remember the Ballpoint Eating Utensils I wrote about a few months back? This Outdoor Cutlery reminds me of that concept, though this time made for the outdoors man, rather than the cubicle man. If your out in the woods, with none of your beloved silverware at hand, it would be nice to have a set of suitable cutlery to get ...

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