Bluetooth Fridge Magnet Orders Pizza With One Click

Want pizza? Great news, for those of you too lazy to pick up the telephone. Simply click a bluetooth-enabled fridge magnet, and your pizza will be delivered automatically. Great news for convenience-minded pizza lovers, not-so-great news for America’s growing obesity epidemic.

The magnet was developed by Red Tomato Pizza, and really only requires a single click for automatic pizza delivery. When you first get the magnet, you do need to pair it with your mobile phone. When you press the magnet, it sends a signal to your phone via Bluetooth, which orders your pizza for you.

Of course, this magnet probably isn’t too smart for households with children.

Also, did we mention that Red Tomato Pizza is only located in Dubai?


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  1. Of course, this magnet probably isn�t too smart for households with children.

  2. Finally the world can make me fat with one single click! On the other hand, it’s a college student’s dream came true.

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